10 Best Movies That Are Super Long of All Time

By Louie Fecou
Published: March 4, 2023 (Last updated: last month)

We discuss the 10 Best Movies That Are Super Long of All Time. Stock up on caffeine and get these well-recommended movies on your watch list.

You might have thought sitting through certain films at your local theatre felt like they went on forever, but trust us when we say there have been a few movies that go on and on.

Some of you may think that films that are 2 hours long, or even 3 hours long, can be a slog, but imagine having to sit through super long movies that seem never to stop.

Can you picture sitting for 21 hours and 5 minutes for We Will Make a Cinema or the 14-hour, 33-minute epic that is The Journey? This somewhat whimsical and hugely entertaining article will look at what we think are the ten best movies that are super long (and that you might want to watch).

10 Best Movies That Are Super Long of All Time

10. Zack Snyder’s Justice League (4 hours 2 minutes runtime)

Oh, the controversy of the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League. The theatrical cut was a huge disappointment, DC fans were left bemused and dazed by the film, and the DCEU seemed to be crashing and burning in its attempts to emulate Marvel.

However, slow motion-loving green screen expert Zack Snyder always said the film was not his original vision, and he got the chance to shoot some more scenes and change the film entirely.

This version was a vast improvement and elevated the project to where it should have been, but it was too late, and this superhero epic will be resigned to an odd footnote in cinema history.

9. Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet (4 hours 3 minutes runtime)

It has been said that if Kenneth Branagh were a fisherman, he would probably cast himself, but when adapting Shakespeare for a wider audience, you must hand it to him.

The stellar cast gives magical performances, including a pre-Titanic DiCaprio love interest Kate Winslet, and hammy old Doctor Who surprises villain Derek Jacobi’s Claudius steals every scene. If you had to sit through this for a school essay years back, now could be a great time to revisit it and appreciate it for the great film it is.

8. Magnolia (3 hours 8 minutes runtime)

Paul Thomas Anderson is no stranger to long-format films, and this is no exception. Following the ensemble cast of characters through the various storylines helps the pacing of this sprawling movie tapestry. A lot is going on, and the three hours plus run time is needed to give each strand the space to reveal its secrets. Another great cast, including death-wishing Scientologist heartthrob Tom Cruise and gone-too-soon acting genius Philip Seymore Hoffman, give their all in this psychological drama, oddly inspired by the music of Aimee Mann.

7. A Brighter Summer’s Day (4 hours runtime)

Here is one that some of you may not have heard of. This epic tale from Taiwan is a coming-of-age crime drama directed by Edward Yang and set in the 50s and 60s. The story follows Xiao Si’r, a young man from a good home who starts to fall into delinquency.

The story has a tragic end and was a critical success, receiving awards and pleasing audiences. Technically there are three different versions of the film, including a cut-down revision that comes in at a paltry 127 minutes, but the cut we are looking at puts this on our list of excellent 4-hour movies.

6. Apocalypse Now (3 hours 27 minutes runtime)

Legendary director Francis Ford Coppola transplanted the classic short novel Heart of Darkness into a Vietnam setting. The troubled production led to multiple problems, including going over budget and the loss of equipment, but the film received critical acclaim.

Bizarre mumbling man mountain Marlon Brando played the rogue Colonel Kurtz, and continually arrested protest-loving Martin Sheen played US Army Captain Benjamin Willard, hot on his trial. The film is often found on lists of the best movies ever, even though it is over 3 hours long.

5. The Wolf of Wall Street (3 hours 5 minutes runtime)

The story of Jordan Belfort captured the imagination of the tremendous cinema-going public back in 2013. Plane hopping yacht-loving environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio plays Belfort with wit and charm, directed by green screen-hating movie purist Martin Scorsese.

Part satire, part docu-drama, this study of the American dream has cemented into popular culture, even though it is over 3 hours long.

4. Interstellar (3 hours runtime)

With a high sci-fi concept, this entry is pretty much on the 3-hour movie mark, and let’s face it, anything that is more than a 2-hour movie these days is considered a super long movie. However, some films need that extra time to allow the concepts and themes to breathe, and Interstellar has some mind-blowing ideas that require that time and a book that explains the complex science behind the darn thing.

Christopher Nolan enjoys keeping you in your seat, with The Dark Knight Rises coming in at 164 minutes, Inception hitting 148 minutes, and The Prestige only managing 130 minutes.

3. Barry Lyndon (3 hours 4 minutes runtime)

Often underrated, this epic period drama from mysterious multi-layered cinematic genius Stanley Kubrick is a remarkable piece of cinema. Filmed using only natural light, and candles, every scene is a meticulous rendition inspired by actual artwork and enhanced with a classical soundtrack.

This study of class and entitlement is often down the bottom of Kubrick’s lists, but that’s more reason to put him on this one.

2. The Godfather 2 (3 hours 22 minutes runtime) 

The sequel to The Godfather, this magnificent second entry continues the story of the Corleone family, now with shouty tango-loving Manhattanite Al Pacino at the head of the table and charting his rise in organized crime. Once again, this is a super long movie that needs time, as it covers a lot of ground and allows the viewer to get invested in the characters. The incredible final act is a masterpiece in filmmaking, and it is even more impressive when you learn that it was a late addition to the production, inserted to give the final act more clout.

1. The Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King extended cut (4 hours 11 minutes runtime)

So this version of the movie had an extra 51 minutes added to its theatrical cut that clocked in at a healthy 201 minutes. The epic conclusion to the trilogy was eagerly awaited by fans, and Peter Jackson did not disappoint, with many declaring that this was the best film trilogy ever made.

Nothing was spared in bringing this story to the screen, and even after 20 years, it is still highly regarded and loved by fantasy lovers worldwide. It seems that the 4-hour cut is the one that purists will watch if offered a choice, proving that super-long movies, when done properly, can hold an audience.

So that’s our list of the Best Super Long Movies of All Time, and I am sure you have your favorite epic that you would like to add, so use that comment section below to let us know what your all-time super long classic movie is.

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