Love at First Kiss Ending Explained – who does Javier choose?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: March 4, 2023

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film Love at First Kiss, which will contain spoilers.

Love at First Kiss follows the life of a sixteen-year-old who can see the future of a relationship just from the first kiss of someone. From his teen years, he sees that love can be complicated. He tries his best not to get hurt again time after time, but sometimes he tries to avoid the future and live in the present. He only dates the women for some time before he breaks up with them to put off the inevitable. In a way, he has full control over every situation and prevents anything terrible from happening.

Javier (Álvaro Cervantes) shares that he has a gift with certain people, like his best friend Roberto (Gorka Otxoa), but things get messy. Javier continues experimenting, which strains his relationships because he doesn’t want to have this “gift” forever. Javier is a complicated character because the gift works in his favor, but it’s hard to root for him because of his decisions in this film.

The gimmick in this film gets stale fast because he doesn’t foresee the future and follows through every time. It happens one too many times, and the relationships he keeps in this film don’t work out. He quickly uses women to fill the void without warning them about this gift. It’s a bit of a selfish move on his part. One particular relationship in this film doesn’t work because of the betrayal and the secrecy, which makes it uncomfortable to watch.

Love at First Kiss Ending Explained

What happened with Lucia?

At one point, Lucia was dating his best friend Roberto, and Javier engaged in a relationship with her behind his back. He thought it was the right thing to do. So Javier fell in love with Lucia, but it wasn’t the fulfilling love he thought would work between them because of his gift.

Javier loses his best friend Roberto in chasing the idea of love and not feeling it. The pursuit of love always comes with a price, and this was the result of it for Javier. At one point, Javier meets Ariana, and when he kisses her, he sees nothing in his head compared to every other girl he has kissed. This scares him because he can’t see the future with her.

So instead of breaking up with Lucia, he continues to see Ariana on the side without them knowing. After Javier showed Lucia his true colors in understanding the future of their relationship and how things would work out, she knew she had had enough.

Who does Javier choose?

Javier had decided at the end of this film that it was OK that he didn’t know where life was going to lead him. That the emptiness and uncertainty were good and had an adventurous side to him. So instead of focusing on how a relationship would work in his favor, he decided to go ahead and make others happy. He had purchased a ticket to Australia for Ariana because she always wanted to go, and he mended his friendship with Roberto.

In the end, Javier knew that Ariana was the one for him, and he would hope that he would see her again. Since the universe has bigger plans for him, his “gift” didn’t allow him to see what was right before him. Things could happen naturally and fall into place. A friend of Ariana’s published a book with Javier’s company, and she became a success.

That night at the release party, Ariana and Javier meet again. Javier tells Ariana that the journey is uncertain this time, but he will follow her anywhere. So he embraces life’s journey and chooses to live it with Ariana.

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