Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

By Nubia Brice
Published: March 8, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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An episode filled with plenty of action and drama still seamlessly ties Yosano’s backstory into the fold while delivering one of the most surprising plot twists yet.

We recap the Crunchyroll anime series Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 10, “In Lament of My Wingless Body,” which contains spoilers.

While Yosano’s (Yu Shimamura) powers have always been valuable, last week, viewers saw just how valuable they were in a flashback to her past with Mori (Mitsuru Miyamoto). It was an eye-opening episode that reminded fans just how easily the powers of the Gifted can be perverted into weapons, no matter how good the user’s intentions. Although we now understand why Yosano does not want to join the Port Mafia, she may not have a choice if she wants to help save the Armed Detective Agency.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

The episode opens with Yosano, Tanizaki, and Miyazawa heading to fulfill Fitzgerald’s request, only to see Michizo Tachihara, Gin Akutagawa, and Ryuro Hirotsu of the Port Mafia have already beat them to the location.

Upon meeting Hirotsu, Tachihara suggests that they kill the Armed Detective Agency members for ignoring the boss’ orders. However, Hirotsu reminds him that their orders are to protect them.

Who attacks the Armed Detective Agency?

Despite assuring the Port Mafia, this deal is not a trap; when the ambulance pulls up, it explodes, injuring Miyazawa. The group fears they were tricked after all, so they are surrounded by military police. Only when a sword falls from the sky, impaling Miyazawa, they realize the Hunting Dogs have attacked them.

Although he had the option to sell the Armed Detective Agency out to the military police, Fitzgerald reveals he decided not to because he “always sides with the winners.”

Both the Port Mafia and Armed Detective Agency escape to a secret Port Mafia passage where Yosano heals Miyazawa. While they are okay for the moment, Hirotsu fears that will not be the case if the Hunting Dogs appear. However, Yosano fears at least one is already here after seeing a strange man in a hoodie control the sword that stabbed Miyazawa.

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Why does Yosano suggest the group split up?

With only one Hunting Dog after them, Yosano suggests it would be safer to split up in hopes of sparing at least two members of the Armed Detective Agency. She mentions that Mori promised them a hideout and transportation to get there before making Tanizaki and Miyazawa promise that whoever lives will help rebuild the agency. The three then escape into an underground maze, each heading in a separate direction with a map that leads to their transportation.

In the ambulance, Atsushi suddenly orders the driver to stop when his ears pick up the sound of gunshots and combat boots up ahead, signaling a fight. He then jumps out of the vehicle and puts his ear to the street, claiming to hear familiar footsteps. This reminds Kyoka that there should be a secret Port Mafia passage nearby.

How do Atsushi and Kyoka find Yosano?

After Kyoka remembers the secret passage, Atsushi uses his powers to remove a manhole cover in the alley they’ve parked in. As soon as he opens it, Yosano pops out, surprised to see them there.

The first thing Yosano does after reuniting with Atsuhsi and Kyoka is heal Magaret despite fearing Fitzgerlad sold them out. However,  Atsushi assures the man would never do that before knowing Magaret was safely healed. As she wonders who could’ve sold them out, Atsushi looks in front of the ambulance to see the driver has been impaled with a sword.

The Hunting Dog in the hoodie appears again, but instead of engaging him in a fight, Yosano tells Atsushi and Kyoka to get Margaret back to Fitzgerald while she holds him off.

Who is the hooded Hunting Dog?

When Yosano asks the hooded Hunting Dog his identity, he displays a chain with tally marks on it. Yosano immediately recognizes the chain, as it belonged to the soldier she befriended years earlier in the war. He kept a tally of every time she had saved his life before finally killing himself.

Although she is sure the man is dead, she wonders as she remembers he had a weak ability to manipulate metal in the military.

Who saves Yosano’s life?

Too distraught by the memory to fight back, Yosano cannot bring herself to move as the Hunting Dog’s sword flies toward her. At the last second, Gin jumps in front of her and blocks the blow with her own knife just before Hirostu and Tachihara appear to help. In the heat of battle, Hirotsu uses his special ability to break the hooded Hunting Dog’s sword into pieces but still manages to get stabbed. However, instead of allowing Yosano to help him, he tells them to escape, while the hooded Hunting Dog attacks him instead.

Although Yosano, Gin, and Tachihara manage to make it underground to an escape boat, she tells them to go ahead without her, as the hooded Hunting Dog is only looking to seek revenge on her. She tells them she does not want anyone else to die on her behalf, but Tachihara refuses to leave because of his orders.

Why does Gin stab Tachihara?

Amid his speech about not leaving, Gin suddenly stabs Tachihara with her knife. Gin tells Yosano to run, as she cannot control the blade in her hand. It is clear the weapon is being manipulated as Gin stabs herself.

Trapped, Yosano fights with the hooded Hunting Dog but cannot hit him, as his ability to control metal allows him to manipulate all the weapons in the area. Using Tahcihara’s gun, he shoots her multiple times but fails to kill Yosano as she immediately heals herself.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 10 Ending Explained

Knowing he can’t manipulate an explosion, Yosano takes hold of a bomb Tachihara placed behind them during their escape and attempts to set it off. However, when it doesn’t explode, the man in the hood suddenly falls, revealing himself as a metal mannequin the entire time. She concludes that whoever is manipulating the mannequin must have been able to see her just before the Hunting Dogs appear.

The more Yosano thinks about the events that transpired, the more she begins to put the pieces together and realize how the Hunting Dogs found her in the first place. It is then that Tachihara reveals himself to be the secret fifth member of the Hunting Dogs who was said to be working undercover. He then says that the soldier Yosano knew from all those years prior was his older brother. Realizing he took the Port Mafia case to get close to her for revenge, Yosano tells Tachihara to do as he pleases. He pulls out a gun and shoots, but we do not see if Yosano is hit.

To say this has been one of the most entertaining seasons of Bungo Stray Dogs so far is saying a lot, as every season is usually full of mystery and excitement. However, the focus on Ranpo and now Yosano has been especially fun to watch because of how deeply those characters tie into the origins of the Armed Detective Agency.

I can’t say this was a twist I saw coming at all, and I think that’s what makes this series so exciting to watch. There’s always a new twist or turn, and despite giving you clues along the way, they can still be hard to catch onto until the last possible second. One moment you’ll be stuck focusing on whether one character’s a double-crosser or if another one is dead before the show hits you with a reveal that was right under your nose the entire time. It’s one that keeps you on your toes while still managing to have excellent character development and humor at the same time.

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