Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

By Nubia Brice
Published: March 9, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Episode 10 gives viewers a hilarious look at the past while still being the perfect setup for the next part of Tomo and Jun’s relationship.

We recap the Crunchyroll anime series Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 10, “How the Contest Ends/To Stay Best Friends…,” which contains spoilers.

Although things got heated between Tomo (Rie Takahashi) and Jun (Kaito Ishikawa) last week, the real sparks were between Carol (Sally Amaki) and Misaki (Kohei Amasaki), who finally admitted their feelings for one another. At first, the episode was full of misunderstandings that almost led to the dissolving of Tomo, Misuzu (voiced by Rina Hidaka), and Carol’s friendship. Still, luckily everything worked out in the end when Misaki finally confessed. While we already know how Tomo feels, here’s hoping their progress can light a fire under Jun, leading to his confession soon.

Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

The episode opens with Tomo and Jun preparing to run a marathon in class. Tomo and Jun decide to place a bet on the marathon, saying the loser has to buy the other’s drinks for a week.

As they wait for the marathon to start, Carol informs Misuzu that a boy has been sending them an “S.O.S. signal” the entire time. When Misuzu looks forward, she sees Tanabe trying to get her attention.

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While everyone else struggles behind them, Tomo and Jun run ahead, more concerned with competing against one another. Although the boys and girls are not technically racing against one another, Tomo bypasses the girls turning point and continues running ahead with Jun so that she can race him.

After reaching the boy’s turning point, Tomo and Jun take off, no longer keeping pace with one another. When Tomo pulls ahead of Jun, he pushes extra hard to get ahead of her. Just as he passes her, Tomo passes out.

Why did Tomo pass out?

Jun runs to Tomo when she passes out, feeling her forehead and realizing she has a fever. He asks what she did the night before, and Tomo admits she practiced running late into the night before taking a bath and accidentally passing out naked in the bathroom.

With no teachers or other students nearby because they’re so far ahead, Jun decides to carry Tomo back to school himself.

Despite carrying Tomo, Jun still came in first in the school marathon.

How do Misuzu and Carol tell Tomo to act when Jun comes to visit?

When Jun visits her in the nurse’s office, Misuzu and Carol tell Tomo to act “meak” for once instead of her usual strong persona. Carol says she should ask Jun to do everything for her, as Misuzu thinks this is Tomo’s chance to get Jun to care of her.

Jun visits Tomo in the nurse’s office and comments that she never lets anyone do anything for her. He says that her mother is on the way and asks Tomo if she can walk, to which Tomo responds that she cannot. Although skeptical, Jun agrees to carry her outside anyway.

When Jun comes to check in on Tomo at home, she gives him back the handheld game he lent to her as children.

Right before the start of middle school, Jun landed a hit on Tomo for the first time. While he was visibly excited, she said that Jun being on her level “was kind of depressing” and moved away from him.

After landing his first hit on Tomo, Jun is excited to attend middle school with her but does not realize that Tomo is a girl until he sees her in the uniform for the first time. Jun feels incredibly clueless for never noticing, especially when another student asks if he and Tomo are together because of how close they are.

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Why don’t Jun and Tomo talk for a year in middle school?

Too embarrassed to speak to Tomo in the hallway, Jun ignores her one day, and the next thing he knows, that day turns into a year.

How do Misuzu and Jun end up together?

With both Misuzu and Jun struggling to figure out Tomo, they begin looking for a solution to their problems. Jun thinks a quick girlfriend would grab her attention, while Misuzu believes adding a third friend to their group would calm Tomo down.

When Misuzu approaches Jun at lunch to tell him to make things right with Tomo, he asks her out on the spot. Misuzu agrees to date him because “she couldn’t find any reason not to.”

While Jun and Misuzu do not have feelings for one another, they both still seem giddy at the idea of having a significant other. However, that feeling quickly passes for Misuzu, especially when Jun takes Misuzu biking on their first date.

Why does Misuzu tell Tomo they may be unable to be friends anymore?

When Misuzu tells Tomo they may not be able to be friends anymore, Tomo demands to know why. Misuzu explains that she doesn’t have the physical strength to keep up with Tomo, but Tomo says she doesn’t care whether or not Misuzu is athletic as they are friends for other reasons.

Why does Jun break up with Misuzu?

Before Misuzu can break up with Jun, he finds her first and ends their relationship because he doesn’t think they are a good fit for each other.

Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 10 Ending Explained

After breaking up with Misuzu, Jun gathers the courage to talk to Tomo. When he can’t figure out what to say, Tomo punches Jun and scolds him for ignoring her all this time. Jun admits that he avoided Tomo to save her from bullying, but Tomo grows angry at his reasoning, not understanding why they can’t just continue being friends like always. She and Jun then agree to go back to the way things were.

Back in the present, Jun laments how things have changed between them. He realizes he must accept Tomo for who she is before it suddenly dawns on him that he may find Tomo cute.

The first half of the episode was quite funny today, focusing on Jun and Tomo’s relationship. I thought her giving him back the game was an excellent way to lead into the next half while finally giving Jun closure.

Although I would’ve enjoyed this flash to pass a little sooner in the story, we still learned a lot from actually seeing these moments play out in today’s episode. It felt like an excellent way to end the current arc and prepare viewers for the last few episodes of the season. Now that Jun finally acknowledges his growing feelings for Tomo, the series can move past this whole “will they or won’t they” storyline into the next chapter.

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