Chromosome 21 Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

March 11, 2023
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The finale shows the aftermath of Bekam’s death. Tomy is understandably heartbroken, as is Mariana, who’s starting to suspect Bruno’s corruption.

We recap the Netflix series Chromosome 21 Season 1 Episode 8, which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

Chromosome 21 starts at a crime scene, where a middle-aged factory worker was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest. The only other person present is a young man with Down syndrome named Tomy (Sebastián Solorza)—all the physical evidence points to Tommy being the shooter. There’s blood on his clothes and gunpowder residue on his hands. 

The lead investigator, Mariana Enríquez (Valentina Muhr), and her partner, Bruno Durán (Mario Horton), are having trouble believing someone with Down syndrome was capable of such a brutal act of violence. Especially as everyone who knows the young man describes him as a kind and gentle soul. Tomy was a beloved member of a foundation for people with Down syndrome. His girlfriend, Cristina (Pía Urrutia), is the daughter of the foundation’s owner, Sofia (Claudia Di Girólamo).

Tommy’s brother, Guillermo “Bekam” Ruiz (Gastón Salgado), has a criminal past and appears to be the most likely shooter. But why would he leave his beloved brother behind to take the fall? As Mariana continues her investigation, she finds herself involved in a web of lies and corruption much bigger than she could have imagined. 

As the series progresses, we learn that Bekam and Mandujano, the victim, were both involved in a jewelry store robbery, and Tomy also helped by distracting the security guard. The two men fought, and Bekam took all the jewelry. 

Who killed Mandujano?

On the night of the murder, Mandujano kidnaps Tomy to get Bekam to return the stolen goods. A fight ensued, and Tomy ended up shooting Mandujano and killing him. However, the factory’s owner, Ariel Zavala (Daniel Muñoz), was also present at the scene, and Mariana figured out that someone from the police force tampered with the video surveillance evidence to keep his name out of the investigation. 

As Tomy’s trial wasn’t going in his favor, Bekam decides to take his brother and illegally cross the border into Argentina. At the crossing, they’re met by Bruno, who’s revealed to have been working for Zavala all along. Bruno shoots and kills Bekam in cold blood. 

Chromosome 21 Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

The finale shows the aftermath of Bekam’s death. Tomy is understandably heartbroken, as is Mariana, who’s starting to suspect Bruno’s corruption. She wants to continue her investigation, but her boss orders her to drop the case. Things are not looking too good for Tomy, as the judge wants to transfer him to prison, and he’d likely get an even longer sentence after trying to escape. 

Is Cristina moving to Spain?

Cristina is also upset about Tomy being back in police custody. Her locking herself in her room while refusing to speak to her family leads to Sofia proposing a rather drastic measure; She asks her husband to get a job transfer across the Atlantic into Spain so that they can get their daughter away from Tomy and all the murder drama for good. 

Mariana is not giving up on Tomy

Despite receiving a clear order, Mariana is not ready to give up on saving Tomy. She calls his public defender and tells him about Zavala’s presence at the crime scene on the night of the murder and the tampered evidence. After the lawyer confirms the details with Tomy, he asks to see Mariana so they can better plan his defense. 

Meanwhile, Mariana tricks Bruno into leaving her alone in his car, giving her enough time to place another recording device. She then interviews the mule who was supposed to help Bekam cross the border, who confirms that someone threatened him and told him not to go to the meeting point. Finally, Mariana visits Zavala to let him know she’s onto him. The factory owner calls his attorney while Mariana is there and clarifies that he has no interest in speaking to her. 

The next day, when Mariana tries telling her boss about the mule’s confession, he suspends her. Her suspension doesn’t last long as her recorder caught Bruno incriminating himself and the police chief as working for Zavala, leading to the three men’s arrest. 

Chromosome 21 Season 1 Ending Explained

At Tomy’s trial, his attorney asks the judge to drop all charges based on Tomy having shot Mandujano in self-defense. Mariana’s testimony clarifies what really happened that night while exposing the two corrupt police officers that tampered with evidence. 

Why did Tomy shoot Mandujano?

It’s revealed that when Bekam went to exchange the jewelry for his brother, both Mandujano, and Zavala started brutally beating him. Fearing for his brother’s life, Tomy picked up the gun and shot Mandujano. He then kept quiet about Zavala’s presence because he was worried the factory owner would kill his brother. The judge rules Tomy’s actions as self-defense and drops all charges. 

The epilogue shows that Cristina still moved to Spain with her family, but she’s keeping in touch with Tomy on FaceTime. Mariana got her daughter back, and the two adopted Tomy as part of their family. The series ends with Mariana, Tomy, and her daughter enjoying a sunny day at the beach. 

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