Ted Lasso Season 3 Review and Ending Explained – This Series Remains One of the Best Shows on Television

By Marc Miller
Published: March 11, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Ted Lasso Season 3 Review and Ending Explained
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Smart and funny with an extraordinary empathetic heart, Ted Lasso’s poignant combination of love and fun is pure magic on the small screen.

Jason Sudeikis is back as Ted Lasso in Season 3, the mustachioed coach whose AFC Richmond has been newly promoted to the Premier League. Of course, all that positivity we learned from Ted is not necessarily innate. We have discovered his behavior is to cover up some tragic events in Ted’s life — divorce and the fact his father suffered from depression led to his suicide. I’ve broken this article into two parts: a spoiler-free review based on the full season, and the an explanation of the ending.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Review and Plot Summary

Ted’s personal life has been put to the test, resulting in Lasso burying himself in his work. He is about to face the greatest challenge of his coaching career — trying to prevent Richmond from being relegated back to the English Football League (EFL). And that’s a tough ask since the “wonder kid” Nate has left to manage West Ham United, now owned by Rebecca’s (Hannah Waddingham) ex-husband, Rupert.

Where Ted wants to build up people, Nate tears them down. He uses a calm and cruel demeanor to cover up his addiction to attention and issues with self-esteem. It was a contentious divorce, with Nate leaving because he felt he was never given the credit he deserved. That, and he will never be as beloved as his former boss.

Roy (Brett Goldstein) is taking over his position. He broke up with Keeley (Juno Temple) because she has been busy with her new public relations firm. The MacGuffin of the season is Zava (a hilarious Maximilian Osinski). He is an Italian football phenom who has left his home to play in the Premier League, and everyone is tripping over themselves to sign him.

The series is as good as ever for a show rumored to be ending at the end of the season. Even after a long break because of the pandemic, it’s not just about the show remaining funny, smart, and poignant.

The series has a remarkable trajectory, displayed in the current season’s fourth episode, regarding personal growth. In one of the most touching scenes you will ever see, you’re witnessing an awe-inspiring trajectory of Ted Lasso’s mental health. It was a decisive moment and a testament to what it means to love someone unconditionally.

Ted Lasso continues to have a deep bench of talent in its supporting ranks, with co-creator Brendan Hunt‘s Coach Beard continually stealing every scene he’s in. Goldstein’s frumpy (friendly + grumpy) personality continues to be a series highlight.

The loveable befuddling Jeremy Swift, whose Leslie Higgins is Lasso’s English counterpoint across the pond. When it comes to the sage advice of this engaging band of misfits, Lasso uses his folksy charms, while Higgins uses an eccentric one. So is Juno Temple, for that matter, in many ways. The actress is the unsung hero of the show, full of temerity and a kind heart that goes unappreciated.

Ted Lasso remains one of the best shows, comedy or drama, on streaming or network television. The Sudekis and Bill Lawrence series’ combination of love and levity is pure magic on the small screen. If the series ends after the third season, Ted Lasso’s legacy will leave the viewer with humor that must always be unpacked, examined, and embraced.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 12 Recap and Ending Explained

Jason Sudeikis and Hannah Waddingham in Ted Lasso Season 3 (Credit – Apple TV+)

In “So Long, Farewell,” we discover Ted Lasso’s decision—he’s quitting and returning home to Kansas. True to Ted Lasso, the show delivers a poignant farewell to one of the world’s most endearing and empathetic characters.

Why does Ted stay over at Rebecca’s home?

At first, it appears that Ted and Rebecca may have slept together, but in reality, Ted stayed at her house due to a gas leak in his building. As Ted walks into her kitchen, he finds Rebecca lost in thought, and she reveals what Ted had confided in her during the previous episode: this will be Ted’s last game, and he plans to return home to the United States.

Rebecca had also hosted Coach Beard and his “passionate” girlfriend overnight. Beard emerges wearing a cut-off t-shirt and a man-thong, while Beard’s partner wears one of Rebecca’s suit jackets. After sitting on his bare buttocks on her kitchen island, Beard discloses that he will accompany Ted back to the United States.

Why does Rebecca want to sell the club?

Rebecca decides to sell the club because she only bought it to p**s off Rupert, and as she explained to Ted, if he leaves, she leaves too. It’s a tender moment, and Rebecca utilizes her position as the club’s owner to hide her deep feelings of friendship for Ted, showcasing her strength as a woman. Rebecca expresses her desire for Ted to stay, emphasizing how it would benefit his son and ex-wife.

She proposes selling forty-nine percent of the club and making him the highest-paid coach in the league. Throughout the conversation, Ted remains silent, conveying that he has already made his decision. Rebecca understands this and plans to sell the club for approximately two billion dollars, as suggested by Higgins.

Rebecca intends to embark on a journey, to which Ted compares it to Eat, Pray, Love. She humorously responds, saying it’s more like “Eat, Pray, F**k.” They share a laugh, possibly for the last time.

Does Keeley pick Roy or Jamie?

Keeley does not choose between Roy and Jamie when they visit her apartment after their fight. Despite Roy’s attempts to win over Keeley, she shares a hug with Jamie. Roy then invites Jamie for a beer and expresses his desire for Jamie to step aside so he can pursue Keeley. However, since there is no official commitment, Jamie refuses and intends to compete for Keeley’s affection.

When they confront Keeley at her apartment and ask her to make a choice, she feels insulted that they believe they have the power to allow her to have a say in the matter. Roy becomes despondent over the situation and, for the first time, requests to be a diamond dog, as he has worked hard to change.

In response, Higgins tells him, “Human beings are never going to be perfect, Roy. The best we can do is ask for help and accept it when we can. By doing that, we can always strive for improvement and keep moving forward.”

Does Nate apologize to Ted?

Besides the obvious, Nate tearfully and emotionally apologizes to Ted for his treatment of him. Nate hugs and Ted hugs him back, holding him like a parent. It becomes clear that, while Ted has not been the father to his son, he has been a father figure to Nate.

They both look at the office door, where the “BELIEVE” sign used to hang. Even after all that time, Ted comments that he still looks up there and sees it. Ted asks Nate if that is weird, and the mentee says no. Ted leaves, and Nate says, looking at the no longer there sign.

How does AFC Richmond defeat West Ham?

AFC Richmond defeats West Ham by returning from a two-goal deficit to win in the final minute at the ending of Ted Lasso Season 3. At halftime, Ted lifts his players’ spirits and tells them to do their best. Sam and Jamie look at each other, then Sam brings out a piece of the “BELIEVE” sign that was ripped to shreds. It’s then revealed the entire team kept a piece and put the sign back together.

Jamie scores the second half’s first goal and draws a penalty kick after. Jamie hands the ball to Danny, who lets Isaac take the shot. We initially think he missed, but the reply shows he kicked the ball so hard it went through the top of the net. Rupert is mad. He comes down from the stands, then berates and pushes his coach. Rupert leaves, and the crowd chants “Wanker” at him.

Sam scores the winning goal after Ted uses Nate to call in the final play, with Jamie yelling for the ball to distract the team. The team celebrates, the fans storm the field, and Colin is met by his partner; they kiss in public. Colin has officially come out now as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

What did you think of Ted Lasso Season 3, and the ending? Comment below.

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