Ted Lasso Season 3 Review – remains one of the best shows on television

March 11, 2023
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Smart and funny with an extraordinary empathetic heart, Ted Lasso’s poignant combination of love and fun is pure magic on the small screen.

We review the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso Season 3, which does not contain spoilers.

Has there ever been a character as embraced and beloved by audiences more than Ted Lasso? After nearly two decades of the golden age of anti-heroes like Tony Soprano, Walter White, Barry Berkman, and Don Draper, we lived in a television world void of optimism, compassion, and an overall sense of hope.

Ted Lasso has been the opposite of what we have come to expect from television. A reflection of today’s youth that puts a premium on social justice initiatives that would rather build up than tear down. The simple fact is this Apple TV+ sitcom has something no other show has on the network or streaming television: An extraordinary empathetic heart.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Review and Plot Summary

Jason Sudeikis is back as Ted Lasso, the mustachioed coach whose AFC Richmond has been newly promoted to the Premier League. Of course, all that positivity we learned from Ted is not necessarily innate. We have discovered his behavior is to cover up some tragic events in Ted’s life — divorce and the fact his father suffered from depression led to his suicide.

Ted’s personal life has been put to the test, resulting in Lasso burying himself in his work. He is about to face the greatest challenge of his coaching career — trying to prevent Richmond from being relegated back to the English Football League (EFL). And that’s a tough ask since the “wonder kid” Nate has left to manage West Ham United, now owned by Rebecca’s (Hannah Waddingham) ex-husband, Rupert.

Where Ted wants to build up people, Nate tears them down. He uses a calm and cruel demeanor to cover up his addiction to attention and issues with self-esteem. It was a contentious divorce, with Nate leaving because he felt he was never given the credit he deserved. That, and he will never be as beloved as his former boss.

Roy (Brett Goldstein) is taking over his position. He broke up with Keeley (Juno Temple) because she has been busy with her new public relations firm. The MacGuffin of the season is Zava (a hilarious Maximilian Osinski). He is an Italian football phenom who has left his home to play in the Premier League, and everyone is tripping over themselves to sign him.

The series is as good as ever for a show rumored to be ending at the end of the season. Even after a long break because of the pandemic, it’s not just about the show remaining funny, smart, and poignant. The series has a remarkable trajectory, displayed in the current season’s fourth episode, regarding personal growth. In one of the most touching scenes you will ever see, you’re witnessing an awe-inspiring trajectory of Ted Lasso’s mental health. It was a decisive moment and a testament to what it means to love someone unconditionally.

Ted Lasso continues to have a deep bench of talent in its supporting ranks, with co-creator Brendan Hunt‘s Coach Beard continually stealing every scene he’s in. Goldstein’s frumpy (friendly + grumpy) personality continues to be a series highlight. The loveable befuddling Jeremy Swift, whose Leslie Higgins is Lasso’s English counterpoint across the pond. When it comes to the sage advice of this engaging band of misfits, Lasso uses his folksy charms, while Higgins uses an eccentric one. So is Juno Temple, for that matter, in many ways. The actress is the unsung hero of the show, full of temerity and a kind heart that goes unappreciated.

Is Ted Lasso season 3 good?

Ted Lasso remains one of the best shows, comedy or drama, on streaming or network television. The Sudekis and Bill Lawrence series’ combination of love and levity is pure magic on the small screen. If the series ends after the third season, Ted Lasso’s legacy will leave the viewer with humor that must always be unpacked, examined, and embraced.

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