Up Here Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

March 24, 2023
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The Up Here finale is a much-improved installment, making the most of its rom-com formula and great song catalog. There’s a surprising depth to “Y2K” as well, we get more of Miguel’s emotional backstory, and the couple’s relationship finally surpasses the standard cliches to deliver the goods.

We recap the Hulu series Up Here Season 1 Episode 8, “Y2K,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending. 

Remember when society thought that the beginning of the new millennium would mean the end of the world? Maybe I’m showing my age here, but as 1999 came to an end, people worried that computers would be unable to distinguish the difference between 1900 and 2000, possibly leading to the breakdown of worldwide infrastructure.

This genuine, real-life event is the backdrop for “Y2K,” the final installment of Hulu’s musical rom-com Up Here. While society worries about the world’s end, Miguel (Carlos Valdes) and Lindsay (Mae Whitman) fear their lives may already be over.

Up Here Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Miguel has continued to excel in his banking role, and episode eight opens with him moving into his own rather large skyscraper apartment. But this milestone is short-lived; there has been a massive data breach at work, and Miguel may be at fault.

The breach leads back to Kevin, who was accessing elicit material from his work computer, and the hackers had infiltrated the company via these disabled firewalls. Miguel was the one who had taken the firewalls down in the first place, though. Kevin and Miguel fear they may lose their jobs before the year is out, and they both consider using the nerdy, outcast Chris as a scapegoat.

Why did Lindsay and Miguel break up?

Meanwhile, Lindsay’s life isn’t going much better either. In the previous installment, she caught Miguel kissing his ex and has since split up with her boyfriend.

Lindsay was living at Miguel’s place at the time and now has nowhere else to stay. She asks her old roommate Marta to take her back. Both Miguel and Lindsay spend the Christmas holidays apart, desperately single and depressingly lonely.

The only positive from the break-up is that Lindsay has managed to find time to finish writing her children’s book, but her mentor and idol, Ted (Brian Stokes Mitchell), wants to make some serious adjustments to the story.

Miguel invites Lindsay around to his swanky, new apartment, returning a pair of slippers as an excuse to see her. Lindsay mentions finishing her book and offers Miguel a copy of the story to read.

She tells Miguel that she has a possible publisher, but he wants to change the main character, stating that they are too ugly to make the book profitable. Miguel admits that he actually wanted to ask Lindsay for some advice, but he’s having second thoughts now. Miguel is clearly in a bind about the data breach, although he can’t bring himself to admit the truth to Lindsay.

What secret did Lindsay keep from Miguel?

He doesn’t have to, though; they get into an argument instead. Lindsay is furious that Miguel would cheat on her and not even have the decency to apologize. Miguel doesn’t think he did anything wrong, though; the ex-girlfriend came on to him. He twists the conversation, bringing up Lindsay’s web of lies. She never told Miguel that she was engaged and had run away from her ex six days before the wedding.

Neither will back down, and the argument only intensifies. Miguel’s dog grows agitated due to the loud noises and attacks Lindsay, biting her. She leaves when Miguel defends the dog instead.

At work, Miguel flicks through Lindsay’s story. The voices in his head urged him to focus on his career, hanging by a thread at that moment. However, Miguel decides to do the right thing and owns up to his mistakes.

He races over to Lindsay’s apartment and returns the copy of her first novel. Miguel pleads with her not to change anything in the story; it is perfect the way that it is. Lindsay looks ready to make up with Miguel on the spot, but Miguel walks away before she gets the chance. Lindsay takes Miguel’s advice and tells Ted that she will not be making any adjustments to her book.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and Miguel is at his father’s place. He tells his dad the truth; he has been fired and may have to move back in with him in the meantime. Miguel realizes he’s lost everything, his career, and his girlfriend, but he doesn’t feel scared anymore.

Miguel’s father asks about his relationship with Lindsay, and Miguel admits that they both kept secrets from each other. It didn’t help that Miguel’s dog bit Lindsay and he chose to defend the dog instead.

They talk about Miguel’s mother passing away and how uplifting it was to receive a puppy after that devastating news. The dog means so much to him. Miguel’s father tells his son that it is important to let people in; he needs to be more open with Lindsay to tell her the truth.

Up Here Season 1 Ending Explained

Do Miguel and Lindsay get back together?

Lindsay looks through her story and notices Miguel has added cute little drawings to the copy. At that moment, she realizes that she wants to be with him, and Miguel has the same revelation; he wants to be with her. They both head down to the subway and chase after one another. The couple gets back together just in time for the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

They perform a medley of all the previous songs from the series, choosing to run away from the voices in their heads finally.

They stop on a random street corner and declare their love for one another. You can hear the New Year’s countdown in the background, and together they bring in the New Year. Lindsay comments on how the world didn’t end, and the two lovers kiss as fireworks explode overhead.

During this passionate kiss, Lindsay burps, interrupting the special moment. Lindsay awkwardly laughs, talking about how she’s felt quite unwell of late. The two main characters and all the voices in their heads come to the same conclusion all at once. Lindsay is pregnant!

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