The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – what does Cass’ Morpho card say?

March 29, 2023 (Last updated: April 7, 2023)
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Episode two, “Cass,” focuses on developing the many characters within The Big Door Prize. The humor may be a little off, and this installment is less enticing than the first, but it is still well written, teasing a sinister side to the machine and more drama to come.

We recap the Apple TV+ series The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 2, “Cass,” which contains spoilers.

The second installment in the series, “Cass,” focuses on Dusty’s wife, Cassandra Hubbard (Gabrielle Dennis), looking at what her card from the Morpho machine says and how that revelation affects her life moving forwards.

This episode also explores the consequences of the machine in more detail, as we get to see more from the main characters in the series, especially Dusty (Chris O’Dowd) and Cass’ odd family.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

What does Cass’ Morpho card say?

The opening scene explains how Cass came to use the machine and what her life potential exactly is. We find her shopping for Dusty’s birthday with her friend Nat.

Cass must buy forty gifts for Dusty’s fortieth birthday and struggles to make the quota. Nat talks about getting money for the Morpho machine, but Cass hasn’t even heard of it.

Her friend pressures her to use the machine. Cass finally relents, but she won’t reveal her results. In the car, she looks at the card once more. Cass’ Morpho card says royalty.

The episode then returns to the final scene from the previous installment. Cass is in bed, looking at the card again, full of excitement and dread. Dusty returns and confesses to everything; he went to Mr. Johnson’s store and used the machine. His card said teacher/whistler.

At first, Dusty is annoyed by this outcome, but he is slowly accepting the result; it is validation, after all. Cass opens up, too, revealing her secret; she got royalty.

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Dusty is stunned by her result, although he quickly dismisses it, stating that it is completely unattainable.

Who is Izzy?

Like most of the community, the card has given Cass a new lease on life. She drives to Izzy’s store to sell more of her own products. Cass makes and decorates an array of items for a living, including mugs, glasses, tea towels, and T-shirts.

During her conversation with Izzy (Crystal Fox), it is revealed that she is Cass’ mother, the mayor, and she was divorced from her partner Martha many years ago.

Cass asks why her products aren’t selling, and Izzy says that she cannot play favoritism as it appears to be nepotism, jeopardizing her career. Cass reminds her mother about Dusty’s birthday meal that night, which has already been rearranged numerous times because of Izzy’s busy schedule.

What is the meaning behind the word Morpho?

At work, Dusty talks more about the Morpho machine. The students seem clued up on the device, having researched the company’s name.

One student thinks it’s a conspiracy, data mining by a secretive company. Another student used the machine three times and always got the same result.

They state that the blue Morpho is a butterfly, like the machine’s logo. In Greek, it means shapely one, and the Ancient Greeks believed that the Blue Morpho butterfly could bring with it messages from the future, grant wishes, and tell you your destiny.

Jacob pipes up, adding that potential isn’t the same as destiny and that the results could be bad. Everyone, including Dusty, badges Jacob for his results, but he refuses to tell them what he got.

Jacob storms out of the classroom and heads into the woods. Here he finds Principal Pat lying on the ground; she has crashed her motorbike and has been badly injured in the accident. Jacob phones for help.

What did Eloise’s Morpho card say?

At Dusty’s birthday meal, viewers get a chance to meet Dusty’s whole family. They discuss the Morpho machine further. Trina’s card said she would be a potter, and Izzy’s said dancer. Next, Dusty’s parents, Cary (Jim Meskimen) and Eloise, announce they are getting divorced.

Dusty is stunned by this reveal and asks what is going on. The parents say they were inspired by the machine. Eloise’s Morpho card said healer, and she took this as a chance for self-healing. She wants to travel to Europe alone as a single woman to find herself.

Dusty comments on the fact that she is a doctor, so healer makes perfect sense, but she is beyond convincing.

Dusty’s father, Cary’s card, said, male model. He is now signed up with an agency and is working out nonstop. The parents admit that they probably should have gotten divorced years ago, but they didn’t want to upset Dusty.

They mention how separation can damage a child. This upsets Izzy, who split with her partner when Cass was young. She says Cass turned out just OK and then leaves, feeling offended.

Dusty’s parents are adamant that they still love each other but must be apart.

Eloise asks Cass for European recommendations, aware that Cass once traveled abroad. Cass admits that she only spent a semester in Italy, but the holiday profoundly affected her.

Cass loves wine and is quite the expert on the matter. She digs out a book for Eloise while Cary shows off his modeling skills and Dusty his whistling skills. The parents reiterate their love for Dusty and Cass, then call it a night.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

After the parents have gone, Dusty and Cass debrief. Dusty is still shocked about the divorce news, believing everyone has gone completely mad because of this Morpho machine.

He asks why Cass bought him a theremin. She says that it is different and unique.

This kickstarts an argument between the couple. Dusty thinks this is a dig at him for being boring. Cass states that Dusty’s parents are trying new things; why can’t he?

The argument ends with them discussing their happiness, and Cass reveals that she wants to be happier in her life.

Trina overhears the argument and talks with her mother afterward. Cass shows off her wine knowledge, and they discuss how the machine changes Cass’ life.

The mother wants to be a better person, a better parent. The next day, she feels reinvigorated and motivated by the events that transpired the night before. She makes a new T-shirt that says royalty on it.

Then Cass confronts her mom, demanding all her products be removed from the store. She will sell them herself.

What does Jacob’s Morpho card say?

Episode 2 ends with Mr. Johnson asking Jacob to pose for a photograph. The shop owner has been snapping pictures of customers with their cards, focusing on the most successful ones only.

Jacob holds up his own card for the photograph; it says hero on it.

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