Joshua Bookhalter – Skinamarink Tribute Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: March 30, 2023 (Last updated: January 4, 2024)

This article discusses Joshua Bookhalter and explains the tribute dedicated to him in the horror movie Skinamarink. We discuss the film professional and his involvement in the movie.

Skinamarink is a disturbing found footage horror movie that deals with two young children, siblings, who wake up one night to find their parents have disappeared. There is a series of strange occurrences, including strange noises from upstairs, and the children realize they are not alone in the house.

The film has a caption card at its opening, dedicating the movie to the memory of Joshua Bookhalter.

Film fans have been curious about the mention, so this article will explain the dedication.

Joshua Bookhalter – Skinamarink Tribute Explained

Who was Joshua Bookhalter?

Joshua Bookhalter was the assistant director of Skinamarink. He was also responsible for the ADR (automated dialogue replacement) and the location’s sound.

Joshua had graduated from MacEwan University, Edmonton. He had achieved a diploma in music studies. After majoring in recording and production, he would become involved in sound design for various short films.

As he was a close friend of Kyle Edward Ball, the director of Skinamarink, he would end up working on this film before his untimely death.

What does the Joshua Bookhalter obituary say?

The tribute to Joshua reads:

In Memory of Joshua Bookhalter 1991 – 2021. The makers of this picture would like to express their sincerest gratitude to the friends and family of Joshua Bookhalter. Without their kindness and understanding, this picture would not have been completed.

What does the Skinamarink memory tribute say about Joshua Bookhalter?

The tribute thanks Joshua’s friends and family for their help in completing the film. The audio for the film was recorded on Joshua’s computer, and without the original audio, the film could not be released.

The audio could have been re-recorded, which would have taken more time and money, but when director Kyle Ball eventually approached Joshua’s family, they were happy to let him access the computer where the audio was kept.

This meant the film could be completed and released as originally intended, with Joshua’s work on the film kept intact.

How did Joshua Bookhalter die?

The is no official notice on the cause of death for Joshua Bookhalter. He died in 2021, and Skinamarink was his final work.

The film’s director was so keen to use the original audio. He also said in interviews that he wanted the film to be perfect, as it would be a tribute to his friend and co-worker.

You can watch Skinamarink with a subscription to Shudder.

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