RapCaviar Presents Season 1 Review – powerful stories from today’s best hip-hop artists

By Jessica Fontaine
Published: March 31, 2023 (Last updated: July 25, 2023)
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RapCaviar Presents is an enlightening documentary series about how societal issues are heavily reflected in hip-hop music, making it difficult for artists to overcome the pressure.

We review the 2023 Hulu documentary series RapCaviar Presents Season 1, released on March 30, 2023.

RapCaviar Presents is a documentary series on Hulu from executive producers Karam Gill and Steve Rivo. The six-part series discusses today’s most pressing issues through the stories of hip-hop stars.

Based on the 2015 Spotify playlist, each episode of RapCaviar Presents examines an issue that affects hip-hop artists and society. The series features stories from iconic artists like Tyler, the Creator, Roddy Ricch, Cardi B., Doja Cat, Post Malone, and Megan Thee Stallion.

RapCaviar Presents Season 1 Review

RapCaviar Presents follows today’s generation of artists as they confront contemporary issues, reshape their culture, and challenge societal norms while they make music that impacts millions.

The series opens with Tyler, the Creator, who has pushed the boundaries of hip-hop and challenged the perceptions of masculinity. In sharing his story and music, he hopes to change the idea of what rap should be.

The series rigorously tackles the difficulty for women to break into the genre. Hip-hop girl group City Girls reflects on the misogyny they’ve experienced. With their fun personalities and hilarious attitudes, they talk about female empowerment.

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion discusses how her song with Cardi B, “WAP,” made women appreciate their sexuality because they talked about their bodies freely and openly. However, they and other female hip-hop artists still face public scrutiny.

For instance, Coi Leray has faced horrific criticism on social media for her size, which demonstrates how much is asked of black women in rap.

The series illuminates the effects of social media on hip-hop. Roddy Ricch and Post Malone explain that the platforms can make it easier for an artist to find their audience. However, the power of social media can also negatively impact one’s music career and confidence.

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For example, Roddy Ricch left social media because of heavy criticism of his unreleased song.

Polo G shares his heartbreaking journey with mental health after the passing of his uncle and friend Juice WRLD. He’s also subject to the trauma just from being a black kid in America. He aims to lead a new generation of rappers who can include issues like depression and anxiety in their music without shame.

The series also highlights the criminalization of rap music and black art. Rap lyrics are interpreted literally and used as evidence, especially from black artists like Bobby Shmurda.

In the case of Gunna and Young Thug, police heavily surveilled their music and twisted their lyrics to make them sound like confessions.

Further, Artist Vince Staples reflects that in entertainment, black people are marketed to be violent. He educates us on the damage done to black people because of how they are depicted in the media.

These stories are alarming, considering that black Americans are incarcerated in state prisons at nearly five times the rate of white people.

Is RapCaviar Presents Season 1 good?

RapCaviar Presents isn’t just good – it’s impactful. It educates us on issues we may not have known about before. For example, hip-hop artists face suppression because of the stigma against being sensitive and vulnerable. Women in music, especially Black women, suffer impossible standards. They’re told they have to look and act a certain way and never have kids.

When women meet one standard, there’s constantly another standard to uphold. However, the series is inspiring, with women blatantly disobeying the rules that once trapped them.

For example, Yung Miami performed while pregnant. Female rappers now have a social and political voice that can inspire change.

RapCaviar Presents also effectively highlights the power and weakness of rap. While it serves as an outlet for self-expression, it doesn’t dive deep enough into mental health and vulnerability.

It’s important that the series emphasizes the racial profiling of black people and the police’s belief that they should eliminate a potential crime before it happens. Social worker Ashley Perkins says about the black community, “We feel like we have to protect ourselves from something because things are always being taken.”

Further, the series powerfully discusses how to address generational trauma by changing the systems we function in.

With raw storytelling from today’s most influential artists, RapCaviar Presents should empower viewers everywhere to demand more.

What did you think of the Hulu Documentary Series RapCaviar Presents Season 1? Comment below.

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