Why is Lily Gao from the Resident Evil 4 remake being harassed by creepy fans?

By Kieran Burt
Published: April 2, 2023 (Last updated: December 17, 2023)

Why is Lily Gao from the Resident Evil 4 remake being harassed by creepy fans? We look at why the voice actress for the character of Ada Wong is getting hated.

Resident Evil 4 is the latest installment in Capcom’s quest to remake their beloved games, and while overall it’s well-reviewed, some creepy fans have found one part of it they hate. Many people dislike the voice acting of Ada Wong, a former agent of the Umbrella Corporation, provided by Lily Gao.

This dislike has gone beyond reasonable discussion and into abuse, with Gao getting hateful messages and comments about the performance. It’s led to her deleting Instagram photos and disabling comments. Sadly, this is just another case in a long list of people getting hate comments for their work.

Who is Lily Gao?

Lily Gao is a Chinese-born Canadian voice actress on the Resident Evil 4 remake who voices the character Ada Wong. She’s also played the character in the Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City film adaptation and has appeared in The Expanse TV show.

Lily voicing Ada in the latest remake has caused controversy within the fanbase, even before the game came out. Fans were upset when the actress who voiced the character in the Resident Evil 2 remake, Jolene Andersen, wouldn’t be returning to the role of Ada, and it’s only got worse.

Why is Lily Gao from the Resident Evil 4 remake being harassed by CREEPY fans?

Several players have taken issue with how Gao has delivered her lines in the game, with some claiming it’s unenthusiastic and uninteresting. One player said that there was “nothing seductive” about her performance. Others claim she’s ruined the remake with her acting, and another commenter said they “wasted my money by buying the deluxe edition to get this VA [voice actress] to voice Ada.”

It’s possible some of the harassment has a racial and sexist element to it, as other members of the cast have not received this abuse.

While there is a place for reasonable criticism of someone’s role in a game, these creepy fans have taken it way too far. Abusing anyone of changes or parts of a game that isn’t liked is never acceptable.

Has Lily Gao deactivated her Instagram due to the Resident Evil 4 fan harassment?

After receiving thousands of hate comments from fans criticizing her performance as Ada Wong, Lily Gao has removed all of her posts except one. The only one left is a post explaining the role of privilege, and all of the comments have been deleted from it.

This comes after users flooded the comments of her posts with abuse and sent horrible messages to the actress.

People can still follow Gao’s account, and it is still able to be viewed publicly. It’s unknown when she’ll post again or if she’s been driven off the platform completely.

Is hate towards voice actors/actresses common in the video game industry?

Unfortunately, mob harassment and hateful comments to the voice actors and actresses involved in making video games are all too common. For example, voice actress Laura Bailey, who played Abby in The Last of Us 2, received death threats for her performance, as many found the story choices made in the game controversial.

But it’s not just actors that receive hate; the developers get it too. Those working on The Last of Us 2 also got death threats. In July of last year, studio Bungie, of Destiny fame, explained they have reduced communication with players because of the threats their staff get.

Sadly, Gao’s experience is shared by many, not only the video game industry but the entertainment landscape as a whole. It might only be a small minority of overall fans of the game, but their voices are amplified and drown out any positive ones.

What are your thoughts regarding Lily Gao getting harassed by creepy fans over the Resident Evil 4 Remake? Comment below.

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