Where is Josh from Emergency: NYC now?

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 3, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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Where is Josh from Emergency: NYC now? We discuss one of the patients from the insightful Netflix medical documentary series. 

Netflix dropped Emergency: NYC, a gritty and realistic documentary series that follows the professionals on the frontline of healthcare in New York City. The show also balances the life-and-death situations that the team faces with insights into their personal lives, making this a must-watch true-life show.

As well as the overworked staff, the show also allows viewers an insight into some of the patients featured in the show. Josh, also known as Joshua, appeared in the season opener. He was in a bad way, requiring operations and procedures to help with his life-threatening condition.

However, plenty of fans of the show are asking what happened to teenager Josh, and this clinically designed article will answer the question: Where is Josh from Emergency: NYC now?

Who is Josh and what happened to him on Netflix’s Emergency: NYC?

Josh was seventeen when a terrible incident led him to feature on the show. The episode features Josh’s mother and an older brother, and we hear that Josh had gone to meet friends when he was the victim of a shooting. The attack left Josh in immediate danger, and he required emergency help to save his life.

The details behind the shooting were unclear, but the damage to Josh was apparent. Josh had two entry wounds in his body, injuries to his left arm, and his diaphragm was also damaged. The injuries to his stomach also left him with a lacerated liver.

He was taken quickly to a local community hospital and had further treatment at one of the Cohen Children’s Medical Centres.

What happened to Josh in the hospital?

Josh received an incredible amount of treatment in the hospital. His condition was so bad he suffered three cardiac arrests on his first night there.

Treatment was given to initially stabilize Josh and stop the bleeding. This resulted in a splenectomy and three gastrectomies. The liver lacerations were repaired, and his abdomen had to remain open due to swelling. As if things could not be any worse, doctors on the show had to deal with Josh’s brain functions, which stopped during his treatment.

Did Josh survive his treatment?

Dr. Jose Prince and his team finally managed to close Josh’s abdomen but were worried about the risk of infection as the wound had been open for so long. Incredibly, Josh would fully recover and continue receiving support at the hospital.

His breathing apparatus would be removed, and he was encouraged into rehabilitative exercises to help him recover and aid his respiratory system. Dr. Prince would relay that Josh had walked out of the hospital unaided.

Where is Josh from Emergency: NYC now?

It seems that after his recovery, Josh and his family would relocate away from their home. This implies they may have been worried about where the incident happened and wanted to move.

Josh had a strong support network around him with his mother and older brother, so we are sure that he has moved on from the events after full recovery and is in his new family home. We will update this article once we know more.

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