Will there be a Tiny Beautiful Things Season 2?

April 3, 2023 (Last updated: April 9, 2023)
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We discuss whether there will be a Season 2 of the Hulu series Tiny Beautiful Things and its renewed or canceled status. 

Tiny Beautiful Things is a new original dramedy series from Hulu, created by Liz Tigelaar (Little Fires Everywhere), which is based on the 2012 novel of the same name by Cheryl Strayed.

Hulu has worked in partnership with Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Production Company on this one, creating an eight-part miniseries released in full on April 7th, 2023.

The show stars Kathryn Hahn as the adult version of Clare Pierce, a failed writer whose life is coming apart at the seams. She is offered the chance to write anonymously for the advice column called Dear Sugar, even though her own life is a complete and utter mess. Her marriage and career are on the line, and her daughter hates her guts.

The series cuts between this present-day timeline and flashback sequences, exploring Clare’s childhood, adolescence, and college years.

The younger Clare is played by Sarah Pidgeon, addressing her bitter-sweet relationship with her mother, Frankie (Merritt Wever), and the many life choices she made on her way to adulthood.

It’s an engrossing and emotionally draining series that has already garnered much praise from critics. The show currently holds a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes (April 6).

Of course, it remains to be seen if audiences will love this as much as the critics. But with such a promising start, it begs the question, will Hulu be renewing Tiny Beautiful Things for a second season?

Will there be a Season 2 of Tiny Beautiful Things – renewed or canceled status

Hulu is yet to announce the renewal status of Tiny Beautiful Things. Some outlets are describing the show as a one-off miniseries, which would mean it is doubtful that the series will be returning for a second season.

Although miniseries have been renewed in the past, take, for example, Reese Witherspoon’s debut series with Hello Sunshine, Big Little Lies, which was initially billed as a miniseries, that returned for a second, successful outing due to its overwhelming popularity.

So, there is a chance that Tiny Beautiful Things will be renewed after all. It’s already received early critical acclaim, and many awards are buzzing around Kathryn Hahn’s stand-out performance. If the Hulu original went on to win multiple awards and had a strong fan base, then it may be assured a renewal.

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Furthermore, the showrunners still have plenty of directions they can take the story. There is room to explore more of Clare’s relationship with her estranged father, and the finale leaves the plot open for much more of Clare’s life to be addressed. Her Dear Sugar column can also provide an interesting angle, taking the story in any direction they choose. Overall, there is still a lot of potential for this narrative, with many different options to take.

Part of me hopes they leave it as a one-off, though the story concludes perfectly in episode eight, and a second season may somewhat ruin the magic of the first. As always, we will keep you posted on any updates in the pending renewal of Tiny Beautiful Things.

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