Hunger Ending Explained – does Aoy win the cook-off against Chef Paul?

April 9, 2023
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We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix Thai film Hunger which will contain spoilers.

Netflix Thai drama Hunger explores the culinary arts industry as we have never seen it before. Newly hired chef Aoy works under the highly sought-after Paul, a talented chef all the celebrities wish to hire for their lavish parties.

But the owner of Hunger has a darker side, as he pushes his employees to their breaking points under his questionable kitchen teachings. In this article, we discuss the ending of the gripping, tension-filled film.

Hunger Ending Explained

Why were Aoy and Chef Paul at Madam Milky’s party?

Aoy and Chef Paul were invited to Madam Milky’s party to cook for her attendees. They both whisked up their most celebrated meals to impress the guests. This quickly became a cookoff, with both trying to one-up the other.

Aoy prepared a simple meal that was one of her grandmother’s signature dishes, while Chef Paul went all out, suspending his meat dish from the ceiling as onlookers watched in amazement.

Does Aoy win the cookoff against Chef Paul at Madam Milky’s party?

Chef Paul appears to be the clear cookoff winner until the party is interrupted, and a video is sent individually to each guest’s phone. The footage in question shows Chef Paul in the woods slaughtering an endangered bird for a client who wanted him to cook the animal for a feast.

The incident is what led Aoy to quit Hunger, and Paul believes she is the one who sent the video out to all the people at the party to win the dual. Even though the police arrive to arrest Paul, he still gives Aoy some choice words before his departure, voicing that due to his status, the charges will be dropped.

Though Aoy wins the cookoff against Chef Paul, it is by default due to his arrest, and she feels it is for the wrong reason. Madam Milky praises Aoy for cooking, but she feels as though it’s an afterthought, and it doesn’t bring her a feeling of achievement.

Thereafter, Aoy learns that Tone and Mr. Tos worked together, with Tone providing the video clip and Mr. Tos using it to bring Chef Paul and Hunger down, which would allow Flame to prevail. Aoy also learns that she was never formally invited by Madam Milky to the party, and Mr. Tos had to work behind the scenes to have her in attendance as one of the chefs.

Tones and Dr. Tos don’t understand why Aoy is upset; in their eyes, they see a win as a win. Aoy, however, wants her talent to be what brings her winner status instead of controversy.

Dr. Tos brushes off her frustration as he discusses the future. He believes Aoy will now be the most talked about chef as she overthrew Chef Paul, and he encourages her to build an audience and improve her appearance.

After leaving the party, a broken Aoy walks through the streets as she sees town folk eating the only food they can afford and get their hands on. Finally, she arrives at her family’s restaurant, and after walking inside and seeing her father, she bursts into tears, and the two hug. He consoles her and tells her everything is okay as she is now home.

Aoy’s sister and brother also greet her. Her brother now sells noodles at the restaurant and has somewhat taken her place. At the film’s end, Aoy tells her family that she will make a menu and become the chef of their restaurant.

What did you think of the ending of the 2023 Thai film Hunger on Netflix? Comment below.

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  • April 11, 2023 at 5:10 am

    So aoy left tone,I mean she broke up with him after knowing that he sent the chef Paul’s video to everyone?

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