Will there be a Chupa 2? Sequel Possibilities Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: April 10, 2023

We discuss whether there will be a Chupa 2, a sequel to the 2023 Netflix film Chupa, and will contain spoilers. 

Coming just in time for the kid’s Easter Holidays, Netflix released the child-friendly fantasy film Chupa. Directed by Jonas Cuaron (the son of Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron), Chupa tells the story of the chupacabra, a mythical creature that’s blood supposedly contains magical healing properties.

In the movie, a Mexican family is tasked with protecting a young chupacabra cub from a pursuing poacher who wants to capture the creature for medicinal purposes.

It may not have received the best reviews or ratings to date, but the Chupa movie on Netflix has quickly stormed the charts, making the top ten in a matter of days. With such instant popularity on its side, will the streaming giants be quick to greenlight a sequel?

Chupa sequel potential release date

Netflix is yet to announce a sequel to Chupa or even the possibility of a second movie, so there is no official release date either. If a sequel were greenlit in the coming weeks or months, then the film would probably be looking at a late 2024 release date.

The film is doing rather well on the streaming platform, making the probability of a sequel even more likely. However, this could be down to the cleverly marketed release schedule, with families watching the movie during the Easter Holidays.

If the film continues to be successful in the coming weeks, Netflix may feel inclined to greenlight Chupa 2. That being said, the film’s director Jonas Cuaron currently has three other projects in development, so they may have to hire a new director in the meantime.

Netflix has recently started to produce more original sequels, with the release of Enola Holmes 2, Murder Mystery 2, and Extraction 2 coming out later this year. Chupa may not be as obvious a hit as these titles mentioned above, but it has gotten off to a promising start nonetheless.

Chupa sequel cast – who might be in it?

All the original cast could feasibly return for the sequel, which means Hollywood actors Christian Slater and Demián Bichir (The Hateful Eight) could both be back for Chupa 2.

The film used a predominantly Mexican cast, so seeing other famous Mexican performers in the sequel would be great. Mexican stars such as Gael Garcia Bernal, Salma Hayek, and Diego Luna would all make interesting additions to the sequel’s cast, although no one has been confirmed yet.

Chupa sequel plot: what could Chupa 2 be about?

The film’s ending is quite clear-cut, with no plot points left open-ended or ambiguous. Therefore, a sequel could really go in any direction really. I like the idea of the protagonist, Alex, returning years later, possibly as an adult, to search for the mythical creature with his own children.

He may have gone the rest of his life without ever seeing Chupa again and decides to investigate the creature’s disappearance now that he has more free time on his side.

The poaching angle has already been done. Maybe a sequel could look at a hunt for the mythical creature so they can use its blood for their own ethical reasons. Perhaps Alex or a family member is terminally ill, and with no other options, they must find Chupa so that they can use the creature’s blood to stop the disease from spreading or to cure them entirely.

What would you like to see in Chupa 2? Comment below.

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