Mafia Mamma Ending Explained – who does Kristen appoint as the new Don of the Balbano crime family?

By Marc Miller
Published: April 14, 2023

We discuss the ending of the 2023 film Mafia Mamma which will contain spoilers.

Mafia Mamma follows a 40-year-old mother, Kristen, who is about to run face-first into empty nest syndrome. Her son, Domenick, has left.

To make matters worse, she finds out that her husband, Paul, has been on cheating on her. Luckily, she is invited out to Italy by a woman named Bianca.

Why? Her grandfather, who she had never met, passed away. After talking to her best friend, Jenn, she decides to go and have an Eat Pray Love moment after the funeral.

Mafia Mamma Ending Explained

Who is Kristen’s grandfather?

Kristen’s grandfather was a mafia Don and head of the Balbano crime family. Kristen was born in Italy and moved away as a small child with her mother.

She grew up fatherless because her dad was murdered and was second in command in the Balbano family tree. A rival family, the Romanos, killed him. Don Guiseppe never contacted her to protect her.

Who is now the head of the Balbano crime family?

Kristen was made the head of the Balbano crime family. This was Don Guiseppe’s final wish. The problem is this enrages Fabrizio, who thought he would take over as head of the family. This leaves Kristen in a compromising position where she needs two bodyguards twenty-four hours a day. Why? At the funeral, an assassin tried to shoot her and other mourners.

When Bianca gives her instructions to negotiate with the head of the Romano family, he tries to poison her. Fortunately for Kristen, she inadvertently switched the limoncello she was given. He drank it without realizing it. The Romanos even sent an experienced assassin to kill her as well. Kristen, though, manages to stab him with her heels and takes his eyes out for added measure.

Why is Kristen not convicted at trial?

Kristen was not convicted at trial because the Pubblico Ministero did not have enough evidence to convict her. Initially, Kristen was arrested after a meeting between the Romanos and the Balbanos, led by Mammone. Kristen has been legitimizing her family’s business with wine sales and left much of the illegal activities to her rivals.

However, Kristen’s family has most politicians and authorities in their pockets. They want the Balbanos to pay a percentage of their losses. That’s when the police raid the meeting. Surprisingly Kristen’s love interest, Lorenzo, wooed her while undercover. Her friend Jenny, who is a lawyer, flew out and pointed out this glaring entrapment. Along with too much evidence based on hearsay, Kristen was cleared of all charges.

How does Fabrizio die?

Fabrizio dies when Kristen drops him into an industrial-sized Destemmer. (This machine separates grapes from stems, splits them open to obtain the juice, and then ferments it). This was after he attempted a takeover of the Balbano crime family, including killing Bianca. Fabrizio later takes hostages. Those are her cheating husband, Paul, and her son Domenick.

We think Fabrizio killed Bianca, but she shows up to protect Kristen and has protective armor that stops the bullet. Kristen tells Bianca to take her family to safety. While fighting Fabrizio, she pushes him through a rusty guard rail. While he is hanging above the Destemmer, Kristen grabs his arm to save him. He refuses to apologize or respect her, so they struggle. Kristen is afraid she may be pulled over, but his hand slips. This is when he falls to his death.

Who does Kristen appoint as the new Don of the Balbano crime family?

Kristen appoints Bianca as the new Don of the Balbano crime family. Kristen stays and manages the legitimate business side of her family. This is perfect for her because she has experience in pharmaceutical marketing and sales. Paul wants to live in the villa with her, but Kristen kicks him out. Kristen wishes her son good luck and tells him to call her as he leaves for the airport.

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