Who is Edmund in Seven Kings Must Die?

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 15, 2023

Who plays Edmund in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die on Netflix? We discuss the character of Edmund and the actor who played him.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die is an epic historical movie sequel to the popular Netflix and BBC show The Last Kingdom.

The show, initially a BBC production, would go on to be co-produced with Netflix, and then in a move worthy of this show, Netflix would take control of the project, producing another three seasons.

Seven Kings Must Die is a Netflix film that continues the story and brings closure to the show, and fans have been pouring over it eagerly.

With a vast cast of characters, you might require a scorecard to keep track, but this handy article will help with one character as we explore Edmund in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die.

Who is Edmund in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die?

Edmund is the son of King Edward. He was the King of England from 939 to his death in 946. He was the grandson of Alfred the Great and had two sons with his first wife.

Edmund was killed in a brawl with an outlaw. The tragic event happened at Pucklechurch in Gloucestershire, England. He was succeeded by his younger brother Eadred.

In the film, his mother, Queen Eadgifu, tries to protect him from the machinations of his half-brother, who wants his birthright.

Who plays Edmund in Seven Kings Must Die?

Zak Sutcliffe plays Edmund. The young actor is one of six siblings, born in Bradford, West Yorkshire in England in 2001. In October 2013, he started classes at the Yorkshire School of Acting in Bradford.

He quickly made an impression, and by 2015 had a role in the TV movie Peter and Wendy.

Other roles would follow, and Zak has had numerous roles in his short career.

What is Zak Sutcliffe mostly known for?

Since finding early roles, Zak has found very consistently.

He would appear in Peter and Wendy (2015) before joining the Sasha Baron Cohen vehicle Grimsby cast as Luke (2016).

In 2017, Zak Sutcliffe landed five episodes of the TV series No Offencefollowed by some other TV appearances, mainly in the UK, including two episodes of the popular soap opera Hollyoaks

The Netflix film The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die is his most prolific role to date (April 15, 2023).

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