Where was the Netflix series The Diplomat filmed?

April 21, 2023
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How was the Netflix series The Diplomat filmed? We discuss the political drama series and its filming locations. 

The 2023 Netflix series The Diplomat stars Keri Russell, fresh from her role in Cocaine Bear, and Rufus Sewell, whom you might remember from A Knight’s Tale.

The story centers around a high-flying US diplomat, in a tempestuous marriage with a high-profile ambassador, who has to head to the U.K. following last-minute orders from her superior after a deadly and hostile attack on a British Navy vessel.

The show comes from the mind of Debora Cahn, who created the show and wrote three of the eight episodes.

Cahn has a pedigree with this kind of thriller, after working on the highly acclaimed series Homeland.

As you would expect from this kind of show, a lot of location filming was required, so this undercover article will explain where the Netflix show The Diplomat was filmed.

Where was the Netflix series The Diplomat filmed – a breakdown of locations

Location 1: London, U.K.

A lot of the action takes place in the capital city of England, London, so a lot of work went into filming on location.

London is a huge and bustling city, and it can be difficult to film there for long, but as well as the usual establishing drone shots, there are some easy-to-spot scenes in King Charles Street.

Actor Ato Essandoh has a few on-location snaps on his Instagram page that are useful for location spotting.

Location 2: Barnet, Wrotham Park

Some key scenes involving characters Kate and Hal were filmed in and around Wrotham Park.

The park is situated near Hertfordshire’s Potters Bar in the London Borough of Barnet. Wrotham Park is a neo-Palladian English country house designed by Isaac Ware in 1754 for Admiral John Byng.

The location has been used many times in various productions, you may remember it from films such as The Madness of King George and Vanity Fair.

Location 3: The Cotswolds, England

The scenic and picturesque setting of the Cotswolds was used in a few scenes for this production.

With breath-taking scenery and a definite air of English heritage and history, this beautiful area located in the central-southwest region of England has been used for films such as the Harry Potter series, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and even supplied the animals for the filming of Braveheart. You learn something new every day.

Location 4: Île-de-France, France

Always popular for these sorts of productions, France has everything you need to bring some European intrigue and beauty to a production.

It seems The Diplomat leaned quite heavily into Paris when filming, and of course, when in Paris, film in the Louvre Museum at any opportunity.

The iconic location, including the museum’s entrance hall and exterior, can be spotted in the backdrop of several scenes.

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