A Tourist’s Guide to Love Ending Explained – how do Amanda and Sinh end up together?

By Marc Miller
Published: April 22, 2023 (Last updated: May 11, 2024)
A Tourist's Guide to Love ending explained - how do Amanda and Sinh end up together?

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film A Tourist’s Guide to Love and will contain spoilers.

Amanda is a travel executive in Los Angeles. She is tasked with finding someone to vet a family-owned Vietnamese travel company called Saigon Silver Star to add to her employer’s portfolio. Amanda has also been dating the same man, John, a forensic accountant, for almost five years. Her boss, Mona, tells her that John called her to ensure Amanda could head home early today. Mona immediately thinks that John will ask for Amanda’s hand in marriage. She books her a manicure appointment so the jewelry will look incredible on her ring finger.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love ending explained

Why does John break up with Amanda?

John breaks up with Amanda because he works at an accounting firm in Ohio. He wants to put things on hold until he sees how the job goes. Amanda is so caught off guard that she wouldn’t even let John ask the big question. Amanda said yes to him, anticipating John was asking for her hand in marriage. Amanda kicks him out and needs to get out of town to regroup.

So, Amanda travels to Vietnam as an undercover operative to investigate if the Saigon Silver Star tour company would be a good fit. When she arrives, her bag has gone missing, but the attractive nephew of the owner, Sinh, helps her retrieve it. Sinh is a tour guide that lives in the moment and doesn’t follow a schedule. This is concerning to Amanda, who is a tough businesswoman who goes by the book.

Why does Amanda fall for Sinh?

Amanda falls for Sinh because he is different from any other man she has ever met. He is never thinking too far ahead or back. Sinh constantly lives in the moment and refuses to let a predetermined schedule guide him. At first, her rigid ways begin to come apart when Sinh takes the group to the back-alley nightlife. Amanda reluctantly sticks to her guns, telling Sinh they must follow the schedules (because her job is evaluating the tour and the sites). When they visit the sandy beaches, and Sinh climbs out of the water without a shirt, the attraction to her tour guide is overwhelming.

When the group misses out on seeing the Golden Hand Bridge, Sinh takes them off the beaten path and promises something even better. They travel to “My Son Sanctuary,” a setting for ancient Champa temples that have stood for thousands of years. This breaks Amanda out of her shell, and now she is putty in Sinh’s hands because of the spiritual experience. Amanda no longer wants to be impatient but impulsive.

Where do Amanda and Sinh kiss?

Amanda asks Sinh to take them to more experiences in Vietnam’s backwoods. Sinh takes the group to his grandmother’s home. The matriarch of Sinh’s family immediately knows Sinh and Amanda are smitten with each other. Amanda comments to Sinh that his “Ba Noi” reminds Amanda of her grandmother. Amanda has never shared this with anyone, how close she was to her, and she passed away two years prior. Sinh then has her honor her ancestor at the “Tet,” where Vietnamese families reunite and honor their ancestors while praying for luck during the Lunar New Year. Later that night, overcome with guilt, Amanda tries to tell Sinh why she came to Vietnam, but he mistakes that for her wanting to kiss him, which they do.

Does Amanda get back together with John?

Amanda breaks up with John after he visits Amanda in Vietnam when he realizes he made a terrible mistake. This upset Sinh, but she remains professional. At first, Amanda lets John stick around because she has put so much time in with John, and Sinh could be just a romantic fling. Things deteriorate when Sinh’s cousin tells him that “Tourista” bought her father’s company. John hears this and accidentally tells everyone that it’s the company Amanda works for. In a way, hurting Sinh like this clarifies her feelings for him. Amanda dumps John a few scenes later, but they leave things amicably.

How do Amanda and Sinh end up together at the end of A Tourist’s Guide to Love?

We don’t know for sure, but Amanda and Sinh kiss at the film’s end. Sinh gathers his things and decides to head home but leaves the scarf for Amanda that she wanted at the beginning of the film. Amanda tells Mona to have Sinh manage the company. Amanda catches up to him by walking across heavy traffic the way he taught her, always going forward and never back. She apologizes and tells Sinh she wishes for a happy life.

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