Is Somebody Somewhere based on a True Story?

April 25, 2023
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Is Somebody Somewhere on HBO based on a true story? We discuss the series and determine whether it’s based on real events. It will contain spoilers.

There’s a comedy-drama on HBO called Somebody Somewhere that follows Sam, a woman in her 40s who is grieving the death of her sister Holly.

The show stars Bridget Everett as Sam and was created by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen.

After a successful first season, a second one was green-lit and premiered in April 2023.

This bittersweet slice of life has received some great reviews but has led viewers to wonder about the story, so this perfectly pitched article will answer the question is Somebody Somewhere based on a true story?

What is Somebody Somewhere about?

After her loss, Sam is naturally struggling with her situation and is starting to feel that her small hometown is wearing her down. Her lack of social skills and problems within her family are also making life stressful, and Sam finds herself retreating from the world. With things at a low ebb, there is one silver lining in Sam’s life.

She meets a group of like-minded people in choir practice, and it is here that she finds a haven for her sorrow,

The choir group is a mix of different characters that do not conform to the tropes of society and inspires Sam to embrace her differences and to start to love herself.

Sam begins to come to terms with herself and her life, finding friends, companionship, and self-healing through her love of the choir and singing.

Is Somebody Somewhere Based on a True Story?

This story is partially based on true events. As is often the case with these kinds of shows, elements are included in the narrative that have been taken from real life, and Somebody Somewhere falls into this category.

There are plot points that have been directly taken from the life of Bridget Everett, who, previous to this show, was a well-loved singer, actress, and comedienne.

Bridget was from a large family and was the youngest of six children in Kansas.

Major themes, such as her reconnection and love for music, come from her life.

An interview with Variety would have the talented lead of the show revealing that the story is a sort of what-if narrative that supposes what her life might have been like if she had stayed in Kansas and never moved to New York.

Bridget also tells of her grief at losing a sister, which is a significant part of the show’s plot.

Often writers can use their own lives and experiences to find inspiration in their scripts, so it seems that Bridget’s life has been a template for many of the events in Somebody Somewhere

It means that there are elements of the truth in the show, despite it not being a true story, word for word.

Where is Bridget Everett from?

Bridget is originally from Manhattan, Kansas, but moved to New York to perform.

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