Is KoyoHaus in Netflix’s Beef a Real Business?

By Jessica Fontaine
Published: May 2, 2023 (Last updated: April 18, 2024)
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Is KoyoHaus in Netflix’s Beef a Real Business? We discuss a specific plot point in the popular Netflix series so that it will contain minor spoilers.

Beef is a dark comedy miniseries on Netflix released on April 6, 2023. Created by Lee Sung Jin, it stars Ali Wong and Steven Yeun. The series follows two strangers with opposite lives that collide in dramatic, hilarious ways.

Danny is a failing contractor who has been hustling his whole life. Amy is a successful entrepreneur with a picture-perfect family. After the two contend in a road rage incident, they embark on a 10-episode feud and a competition for revenge as their personal lives intertwine.

The series sees Danny and Amy engage in a petty drama involving stalking, cat-fishing, Danny urinating in Amy’s bathroom, and Amy giving him one-star Yelp reviews.

In Beef, Danny is a contractor, and Amy owns a small business called KoyoHaus. Viewers are curious if the beefing businesses are based on real-life places.

What is KoyoHaus in Netflix’s Beef?

KoyoHaus is a plant-selling business that Amy started and grew over time. It is her family’s primary source of income. The name is derived from Amy’s Chinese roots. Although her whole life revolves around her business, she is trying to sell KoyoHaus.

Amy’s contemplation of her plant company’s acquisition contributed to her frustrated attitude at the beginning of Beef. Her near-collision with Danny’s car in the Forsters parking lot definitely didn’t help.

Is KoyoHaus in Netflix’s Beef a Real Plant Business?

KoyoHaus in Beef is not a real plant business. The company could be inspired by The Sill. This is because it started as an online business before becoming a retail chain like KoyoHaus did.

The Sill sells house plants, plant care, and home decor. Its connection to KoyoHaus makes sense because both businesses are million-dollar earners, despite not being acquired by large corporations yet.

Other popular plant businesses that could be inspirations for Beef’s KoyoHaus are Bark & Vine, House Plant Shop, and Nature Hills Nursery. Bark & Vine is a business that started as an online shop in 2020 and moved to a brick-and-mortar space in Connecticut in 2021. House Plant Shop and Nature Hills Nursery are both online plant shops.

Is Forsters a real store?

Forsters is a chain of retail stores in Los Angeles that is trying to acquire Amy’s plant business. The chain’s owner is a powerful business mogul named Jordan Forster. She oversees Forsters as the company’s CEO.

We first learn about Forsters when we see Danny trying to return hibachi grills without a receipt. After the cashier pokes fun at him, a pissed-off Danny goes back to his car. When backing out, he almost crashes into an oncoming driver, who we later find out is Amy. She gives him the middle finger, and Danny chases her down, beginning the feud that gets out of control throughout Beef.

Like KoyoHaus, Forsters is not a real store. However, it is likely based on Walmart, one of the largest family-owned retail stores in the United States. Both are influential companies with multiple stores throughout Los Angeles.

Forsters may also be inspired by TJX Companies. TJX is a department store corporation that owns retail stores such as T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra. Its inspiration for Forsters makes sense because both are chains of popular, high-earning stores throughout the United States.

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