Where are Betty Gore’s Daughters Now? Explained

May 3, 2023
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Where are Betty Gore’s daughters Now? We discuss the case of the murder of Betty Gore and the HBO series Love & Death. This article discusses spoilers.

HBO Max is on the true crime documentary train with the release of Love & Death with a disturbing story also covered by Hulu with their production Candy.

The story, in both cases, follows the murder of Betty Gore in 1980 and the bizarre circumstances surrounding it.

Betty Gore had been killed with an axe and suffered horrifically from over forty-one wounds allegedly inflicted by Candice “Candy” Montgomery. Candice would reveal that she had an affair with Betty Gore’s husband, Allan, leading to a confrontation.

The two women would become involved in a struggle that would eventually lead to the death of Betty Gore.

In the aftermath of the event, Betty would leave two children behind, and this article will discuss the events and answer the question, where are Betty Gore’s daughters now?

Who are Betty and Allan Gore’s Daughters?

Betty and Allan had two children, both girls, called Alisa and Bethany.

Where are Betty Gore’s Daughters now?

The two daughters would leave Texas after the events that occurred and relocate to Kansas. Alisa, or Lisa, as she is also known, still lives in Kansas. By 1992 Lisa would graduate from Norwich High and then move on to higher education.

She would study towards an accounting degree at Kansas State University, and a profile on LinkedIn suggests that Lisa is now a Business Controller at Koch Engineered Solutions.

Lisa would marry Jonn Harder and also have two children, both boys, Sam and Jacob.

Bethany went to Wichita State University, and just like her mother, she would move into education, becoming a teacher. Bethany is now employed as an Assistant Principal at Coral Academy of Science in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bethany would also marry and have a family of her own. Along with her husband, Chad Mickey, they have three children: two daughters, Josie and Betty, along with a son Henry.


What happened to Allan Gore?

After the terrible events, Allan lost custody of Alisa and Bethany to his late wife’s parents. The girls would grow up in the same place as their mother in Norwich, Kansas. It has been documented that the girls would sadly be estranged from their father once they moved away. However, in a more optimistic light, social media profiles suggest they are still in touch with their dad, which is good news.

Allan has commented on a few public posts of his daughters on Facebook through the years, so we are hopeful that they are still in touch and able to remain a family.

After the death of his wife, Betty, he moved away from Wylie, Texas, according to a report in the Dallas News.

He currently lives in Sarasota, Florida, with a domestic partner.

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