The Artifice Girl Review – Sex Crime A.I Film is All Talk No Action

By Romey Norton
Published: May 5, 2023 (Last updated: December 22, 2023)


The interesting and unsettling film surrounding the development and use of Artificial Intelligence will either alleviate or enhance audiences’ fears.

We review the 2023  film The Artifice Girl, which does not contain significant spoilers.

This film is sure to intrigue audiences with its storyline and content. With the development of Artificial Intelligence, hopes and fears are high for our future. We worry it’ll be used to cut jobs in creative sectors, but there are good intentions, such as helping doctors diagnose and treat. 

In this film, special agents discover a revolutionary computer program that uses a digital child to catch online predators. They soon find that the A.I.’s advancement is much more rapid than they thought, and this brings about unforeseen challenges and consequences. 

The Artifice Girl (2023) Review and Plot Summary

The story surrounds a project designed to combat the spread of pedophiles and predators operating online, using an AI-generated child to lure them out of the dark.

They use a nine-year-old girl who enters chat rooms, capturing data on her frequent viewers. The A.I. then develops its own programming beyond what the scientists imagined, and with their growth, the question becomes, can A.I. give consent? 

The film is broken up into three sections, each of which is about half an hour long. The storyline is an intriguing idea, and this film is incredibly thought-provoking as it examines the ethics of A.I. and its future existence.

Even though this film isn’t plot heavy, it’s strong enough to keep audiences entertained and intrigued. The acting is of a good standard, and there is a nice chemistry between the characters Deena, Amos, and Gareth.

Gareth’s character reminds me of Jesse Eisenberg; easy to watch and talks quickly, but regardless of what they say, they sound intelligent. The cinematography is not as bad as Game of Thrones dark, but close. 

What’s freaky and unsettling is that the A.I. child, Cherry, looks so realistic, and when adults (especially males) are making serious life decisions, it feels very uncomfortable.

The fact she is portrayed as a child gives the A.I. a sense of innocence, as it is in its infancy, but as the film develops, she becomes a 20 then 70-year-old in a child’s body. My honest criticism is that while this idea is good and intriguing, it doesn’t develop into anything.

I was left wanting more visually. I felt as if the film could have pushed boundaries further to really shock and horrify the audience. The film is very talk heavy, with a lot of arguments, which are intense but easily forgotten.

I wanted more interaction with the predators and to see how she is put to use and captures these people. We get none of this. It’s more surrounding the developments and feelings of A.I.

Perhaps this is something Black Mirror could pick up and delve into. 

Is The Artifice Girl Good or Bad?

I think this film is a decent watch. Probing ethical implications around the use of A.I. is current and, indeed, something we will see more of in our storylines. (Maybe they’ll even be written by an A.I.).

While it’s mostly talking, it’s still interesting. 

Is The Artifice Girl Worth Watching?

Yes and no. If you’re okay with films that talk a lot and have a little action, this will be right up your street. If not, you might find it a little boring.

What did you think of the 2023 film The Artifice Girl? Comment below.

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