Who is Nanami in Sanctuary on Netflix?

May 9, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Who is Nanami in Sanctuary on Netflix? We discuss the popular Japanese Netflix series and one of the central characters. 

Sanctuary is a Japanese drama with a sporting slant created by Kan Eguchi. The eight-episode Netflix series stars Watari Ichinose Wan as Kiyoshi Oze, an outspoken and violent young man who joins the world of professional sumo under the Shikona name of Enno.

Enno is in debt and sees competitive sumo wrestling as his way out of his circumstances, but things are never as easy as that.

He is spotted by the master of a stable, who is impressed by his ability, and with his mentorship, starts to climb upwards in the sport, but it seems the young upstart has no real respect for the sport and only sees it as a way to make money. This leads to his being criticized by executives who see through his fighting personality and lack of respect and are not impressed by his reckless ways.

Enno initially does not take his training seriously, skipping leg day, as he prefers quicker, more immediate results. He is considered a bad boy within the sport and subverts the competition by not following the customs and rules.

The show has had a mixed reception, and ironically, some have criticized it, too, that there is a lack of authenticity that real sumo fans and participants will not be happy with. However, this well-trained and respectable article is here to answer one of the questions viewers have about the show, who is Nanami on the Netflix show Sanctuary?

Who is Nanami in Sanctuary on Netflix?

Nanami is the deceitful and manipulative so-called girlfriend of Enno in the show. The character is a lounge girl in a hostess club, but she does not have the best interests of Enno in mind.

There is a plot by Nanami to steal her boyfriend’s wallet and money, and it seems that most of the women in Enno’s life bring him a lot of trouble. Enno’s young age makes him an easy target for Nanami, and he seems inexperienced with women in general.

He fails to see the danger signs that surround Nanami, who only wants to use him.

Who plays Nanami in Sanctuary?

The part of Nanami is played by actress Rio Teramoto. Rio is known for being a Japanese Gravure idol and hails from Hiroshima. Gravure Idols are models in Japan and are associated with more provocative imagery. However, they do not pose nude.

Other such idols are Ayumi Hamasaki and Maki Horikita.

What is Rio Teramoto known for?

You may have seen Rio recently in the strange fantasy show Girl Gun Lady from 2021, the high school manga adaptation Koi ni Mudaguchi from 2022, and Jitenshya-san no Takahashi-kun from 2022.

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