Where was The Tailor on Netflix Filmed? Locations Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: May 9, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2024)
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Where was The Tailor on Netflix Filmed

Where was The Tailor on Netflix Filmed? We discuss the popular Netflix series and its filming locations. 

With influences from a true story, Netflix’s The Tailor is a complex Turkish mystery created by Onur Güvenatam.

The gripping story follows Peyami Dokumaci, a famous tailor, young and popular, who inherits a business from his grandfather when he dies.

He brings his father, Mustafa, into his life but keeps it under the radar and then complicates things further with his relationship with his best friend’s fiancée Esvet, who also hides some dark secrets of her own.

The lives of all involved become entangled, resulting in a complicated narrative that has gripped viewers.

However, a little less complicated than the private lives of the characters is the location work used in the production, so this beautifully tailored article will answer the simple question, where was the Netflix series The Tailor filmed?

Where was The Tailor on Netflix Filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Istanbul, Turkey

The main location for the show was naturally where the show is set, so Istanbul was, of course, the easiest place to shoot.

As far as filming in Turkey goes, logistically, it can be a financial decision due to the low cost of equipment and labor.

The main block of filming took place between March and June of 2022.

Shooting would resume after a short break, leading to more episodes being shot from July to August 2022.

Most of the main location filming took place in and around Istanbul, and this included the district of Kadiköy.

This location is situated on the Asian side of Istanbul and on the Northern shore of the sea of Marmara.

Yogurtcu Park, Osmanaga

The Yogurtcu Park in Osmanaga serves as one of the prominent production locations for the fashionable thriller.

This is another location in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kirklareli, Marmara

There are a lot of flashback sequences in the series, and many of them were filmed in Kirklareli, which is a province in the Marmara Region of Turkey.

You can visit Kirklareli on the West Coast of the Black Sea.

It has a border with Bulgaria on the North and a border with Edirne to the West.

Kislacik, Vize

Kislacik is a village in the District of Vize.

It features in various episodes of The Tailor and is a great location, with some stunning vistas, and its close proximity to the Black Sea makes it a fantastic backdrop.

If you are a fan of Instagram, you can check out actress Evrim Alasya’s page and see some pictures that she has posted from her time on the shoot. You can find her @mujdevrim.

Turkey has hosted the production of many huge box office movies, probably due to the favorable weather conditions and stunning landscape, and there’s a chance you will have seen Turkey used in films such as Skyfall, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, Winter Sleeps, and Crossing The Bridge.

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