Crater Ending Explained – what happens with Caleb?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: May 12, 2023
Crater Ending Explained - 2023 Disney Plus

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Disney Plus film Crater which will contain spoilers.

After his father’s death, a boy growing up on a lunar mining colony takes a trip to explore a legendary crater and his four best friends before being permanently relocated to another planet.

The sentiment behind Crater is good as it grounds the story through the emotional connection between father and son. Once that is built at the beginning of the film, the rest of it is filled with adventure. It has good moments for the lead character, but once they are in the group, the performances aren’t strong enough to carry this two-hour film.

On top of that, the practical effects and CGI aren’t up to par, as you can tell that a lot of it looks fake, which eliminates the believability. You can almost tell that it’s make-believe, which is unfortunate because young kids want to believe they can make it to the moon eventually.

It’s not necessarily a bad film, but it does drag once they leave the colony and venture out on their own to find the crater. The connection with Caleb does hold it down, but it’s still not enough to make this enjoyable.

Crater (2023) Ending Explained

The group of them brings Marcus to the rover when the meteor shower starts. They know it’s unsafe for them to be out there when it’s training like that, but they think they are invincible and can do anything.

Do they make it inside? 

As they try to make it in, Borney gives Marcus his medication, and luckily they are the first ones in there. While Addison is running, a meteor strikes right in front of her, and she trips and falls. Because they all bonded over this period, Dylan and Caleb go back to save her, and in doing so, Dylan’s helmet breaks, exposing him to the environment on the moon.

Luckily Caleb uses Borney’s laser to temporarily fix the break in the glass to help him breathe for the time being. Addison was thankful that they even came back to help her, so she assists Caleb personally to help him inside.

With the meteor shower still active, the dome where they need to find shelter is in lockdown. So Caleb is stuck outside with a broken helmet, with his oxygen level slowly decreasing.

What happens with Caleb? 

When oxygen levels decrease, it’s natural that the person slips into a deep sleep. When Caleb does that, he wakes up at Omega and not with his friends. Unfortunately, he will never see his friends again, but he knows that they are safe.

It’s a true test of friendship to see how they all helped Caleb even when all hope was lost. Even though he lost his friends, he is still not alone at Omega.  Caleb meets Charlie, Addison’s brother at Omega.

Caleb believes that things happen for a reason and that when one door closes, another one opens. And that is the case with meeting Addison’s brother at Omega because a piece of his old life with his friends is still with him.

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