Hypnotic (2023) Ending Explained (In Detail)

By Marc Miller
Published: May 12, 2023
Hypnotic (2023) Film Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 film Hypnotic, which will contain spoilers.

Hypnotic follows the story of police detective Daniel Rourke, the type of cop who acts impulsively and asks questions later. He’s been in a very dark place for a while, ever since his daughter Minnie was kidnapped three years ago and never found. His wife, Vivian, divorced him because of it. Daniel and his partner Nicks receive a tip that a specific bank’s safe deposit box will be robbed today.

At the bank, a mysterious man named Dellrayne begins to control the actions of security guards, bank employees, and civilians. Rourke takes matters into his own hands, racing into the bank to retrieve the content of the safe deposit box, which contains a picture of his missing daughter with the words “Find Lev Dellrayne” written on it.

Hypnotic (2023) Ending Explained

From there, Daniel chases down the person who called in the tip, a psychic, Diana Cruz. She tells Daniel that a client of hers told her about the robbery and that when she reported it to the authorities. At that moment, Dellryane is outside and hypnotizes a tattooed biker to drive his motorcycle through Diana’s storefront window, then kills himself after telling Rourke Dellrayne won’t stop.

Who is Diana Cruz?

Diana Cruz is a former hypnotist from a secret government program known as the “Division.” After Rourke takes Cruz into custody for her protection, she explains her history. The program was designed to train agents to develop powers to control people’s minds. She also explains the identity of Lev Dellryane, the man whose name is written on the picture.

Cruz explains that she tried to use her powers to put Rourke under her spell, but he is immune to them. While outside, Dellryane approaches Nicks and takes control of him. Dellryane attempts to have Nicks kill Diana, but Rourke reluctantly detains him before Diana shoots him and kills him because he wouldn’t stop until finished.

Who is Domino?

Domino is a secret Division weapon that Dellryane hid before he wiped his mind clean. Domino is said to be the most powerful weapon the secret government program has ever created. It’s not clear how the picture of Minnie connects to the weapon, but Dellrayne feels the picture is the key to recovering Domino.

Who is Daniel Rourke’s wife?

In reality, Daniel Rourke’s wife is Diana Cruz, and her real name is Vivian. Daniel discovers this when they visit a former Division hacker named River. When everyone is asleep, Daniel logs onto the Division database. He then finds that his wife is Cruz, and their daughter Minnie is Domino, the one Dellrayne is searching for.

It turns out the underground bunker they are in is a hypnotic illusion. Now, Cruz, Dellrayne, River, and even Nicks are standing there in red suits. Dellrayne is the head of the program, and the operation was designed to get used constructs to get Rourke to reveal Domino’s location. Rourke had hidden her after Vivian, and the program wanted her to enter the Division program.

Where did Rourke hide Minnie?

The Division has Rourke start over again, where the story begins, at his therapist’s office, and he finds out that the words “Find Lev Dellrayne” mean “Deer Valley Lane,” the ranch’s location where Rourke grew up with his two foster parents. Rourke escapes from the Division and heads over there, with Vivian and her government agents trailing him.

The Division enters the property, but Rourke has already reunited with Minnie, whom he hasn’t seen for three years. It’s then revealed that the ranch is a construct created by Minnie, and the Division agents begin to shoot each other, including Dellryane/The Director, who is killed by a shotgun blast to his body.

Also, Minnie unlocks Vivian’s memory, and it’s revealed that she, too, participated in protecting her daughter from the Division. Rourke, Vivian, Minnie, and the foster parents leave and are no longer under the control of the Division.

What is Hypnotic’s mid-credits scene?

In the middle of the credits, Dellryane/The Director lies on his back, and we believe he has been killed. However, he opens his eyes, sits and stands up, dusts himself off, and then walks away. It appears that The Director constructed an illusion to make Rourke’s foster-father look like him.

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