XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 1 Recap – who is Yuri’s secret boyfriend?

May 18, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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“XO” is a simplistic but fun opener that establishes the show’s premise quickly, introducing viewers to Kitty’s romantic adventure. Anna Cathcart is just great as the lead, although the main twist in this premiere is super predictable, putting a slight dampener on the proceedings.

We recap the Netflix series XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 1, “XO,” which contains significant spoilers.

The To All the Boys franchise continues to expand over at Netflix, branching out into different territories with a spin-off TV series titled XO, Kitty.

This original series opens with episode one, “XO,” following Katherine ‘Kitty’ Song Covey (Anna Cathcart) as she journeys to Seoul on a new scholarship to reunite with her boyfriend, Dae (Minyeong Choi).

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

The series starts at a pool party in Portland. Kitty feels utterly alone, watching the other teens happily in love, while her boyfriend Dae is 16 time zones and 5 thousand miles away in South Korea. She phones him up to say hello, but the reception is hopelessly poor.

Then her call is interrupted by another from K.I.S.S. (the Korean Independent School of Seoul). Kitty has been accepted on a scholarship there. She explains this life-changing event to her parents via a creative slideshow.

Kitty talks about how her deceased mother attended the same boarding school on the exact same scholarship. Dae also goes to this school as well. Kitty calls it fate; now, she will follow in her mother’s footsteps.

How does Kitty convince her dad?

Her father is unsure of this drastic, life-changing decision. But Kitty convinces him, mentioning her need to experience new things and embark on her own adventure. She hopes to get to know her mom better and discover herself out there. Her dad eventually agrees.

At the airport, Kitty bumps into an extravagant Korean student called Min Ho, who also goes to KISS. She then travels to South Korea. Unfortunately, Kitty misses her bus at the airport and ends up lost in this new city. To top it all off, she nearly gets run over by a car.

The student inside this car, Yuri, offers to take Kitty to KISS, where she also studies. It is soon revealed that Yuri is the daughter of a wealthy businessman, President Han, who runs his own empire of hotels. In the car, they discuss their love lives.

Yuri has been seeing a boy this summer but won’t reveal their name. Kitty later talks about surprising her boyfriend, Dae, at the welcome party. She messages Dae, telling him that she has a surprise waiting for him.

Dae isn’t having the best day, either. He is being hounded for his tuition money. It looks like Dae has financial problems at home. He even offers to be Professor Lee’s teaching assistant, but he is rejected.

Who is Yuri’s mother?

Yuri is badgered by her mother over the phone and meets with the school’s Principal, Jina Lim (Lost’s Yunjin Kim), who also happens to be Yuri’s mom. Jina has been informed that Yuri was caught kissing a girl called Juliana by the housekeeper. Yuri denies this accusation, stating that they were hugging.

The lie continues. Yuri says that Juliana has actually been covering for her this summer, helping keep her boyfriend a secret. Jina wants to meet Yuri’s boyfriend.

Yuri thought her parents were too busy even to notice, though. They have been expanding their hotel empire and working on a merger with Miller Hospitality. Jina needs any rumors of Yuri and Juliana squashing, as Madison Miller will be attending KISS this year.

Meanwhile, Kitty signs in at the campus. She struggles with the language barrier but manages to fill out the paperwork.

Kitty notices Principal Jina Lim in the foyer, who also happens to be in old photographs with Kitty’s mother, Eve Song. Kitty introduces herself to Jina and asks if she remembers Eve. Jina says no, but seems rather suspicious about the matter.

Next, Kitty heads to her dorm to phone her dad. She’s excited to learn more about her mother’s life and to see Dae again. The jet lag gets the better of her, though, and Kitty falls asleep. On waking, she quickly prepares for the welcome party.

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 1 Ending Explained

The premiere ends with Kitty attending the welcome party in her fancy getup. She surprises Dae and the two run across the dance floor to one another. It is a feel-good moment as they hug each other after so long apart.

Dae is beyond shocked to see Kitty. She explains the details of the surprise; she’s officially transferred to KISS on a scholarship.

Who is Yuri’s secret boyfriend?

Kitty goes to kiss Dae, but he rejects her. He has something to tell her. Then Yuri walks over and links arms with Dae. It would appear Dae is Yuri’s secret boyfriend. He has been cheating on Kitty with Yuri all this time. Kitty is heartbroken and runs off.

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