XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – why doesn’t Kitty trust Dae?

May 18, 2023
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There is a lack of depth to the characters and their romances in “LFG,” which is a major problem in a series like this. But XO, Kitty is entertaining nonetheless, with enough mystery and suspense to keep viewers coming back for more.

We recap the Netflix series XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 8, “LFG,” which contains significant spoilers.

There are now three main romances at play in XO, Kitty. Kitty (Anna Cathcart) is back with Dae (Minyeong Choi), Q (Anthony Keyvan) and Florian (Théo Augier Bonaventure) are an item, and Min Ho (Sang Heon Lee) is with Madison (Jocelyn Shelfo).

In “LFG,” all three of these relationships are pushed to their limits as the students embark on an eventful camping trip.

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Why doesn’t Kitty trust Dae?

The eighth episode begins with a kissing montage. All three major relationships seem to be going well, but Kitty still has many questions for Dae. She wants to know why he was with Yuri in the first place. Dae can’t tell his girlfriend the truth, so he says he made a mistake. Dae’s vagueness is causing Kitty not to trust him, though.

The students head to the bus for their camping trip. Min Ho has packed a large suitcase, even though they are only away for two days. Kitty discusses her concerns about Dae with Q. She worries that Dae is keeping something from her.

Q teases Kitty about her secret crush, reminding Kitty that she had a sex dream about Yuri.

On the bus, Kitty sits with her possible half-brother Alex. They discuss the latest revelations; Principal Jina may be Alex’s mother. Kitty confirms that Yuri doesn’t know anything about this yet.

Alex considers speaking with Jina; he’s pretty sure that Professor Lee is also in the dark on this one.

Kitty seems excited about the future. She’s proud of her mother, who made a big sacrifice for Jina. They agreed that she was a good friend. Kitty hands over the baby bracelet to Alex.

Elsewhere on the bus, Yuri and Dae chat. Dae worries that Kitty still doesn’t trust him. Yuri comments on how terrified her mom is of her ruining the family image further.

Yuri made enough money off of her last paparazzi stunt to afford to go to Iceland. She promises to help Dae win back Kitty’s trust.

Does Yuri confess to Kitty about her fake relationship?

At the forest, the students pair off to room together in extravagant-looking tents. Yuri chooses to bunk with Kitty while Dae and Min Ho camp together. Kitty questions Yuri at their tent. It doesn’t add up; Kitty is confused by the whole saga. Yuri finally confesses. She tells Kitty that her relationship with Dae was fake, that it was a cover because she is gay.

Kitty struggles to comprehend all these revelations and has mixed emotions about them on the whole. Yuri defends Dae, adding that he loves Kitty she should forgive him. Yuri then talks about Juliana.

Kitty promises to ask her sister Margot for help. Margot is living in London and may be able to track down Juliana.

The students are then tasked with helping out a flooded community and getting to work tidying the area. Q finds out just how tough Florian’s life is at the moment. Florian’s parents are fighting over custody and child support.

Florian may have to choose between parents and homes. He may even have to move back to Europe as he is failing his classes.

Why does Dae organize a romantic date?

That night, both Dae and Min Ho prepare romantic dates for their partners. Dae wants to win over Kitty and regain her trust, while Min Ho wants to make things official with Madison. Kitty and Dae’s date goes well. Dae tells her that he loves her, and Kitty reciprocates by saying the same back. They then kiss each other.

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 8 Ending Explained

Min Ho’s date doesn’t go so smoothly, though. Madison returns late, telling him that they aren’t serious. Min Ho realizes that he wants something more; he is ready now for a serious relationship.

Back at the tents, Kitty updates Yuri on her perfect date. She has also managed to get in contact with Juliana, thanks to Margot’s snooping skills. Yuri video chats with Juliana, speaking with her lover for the first time in months. They say how much they miss each other.

The episode ends with a narration from Kitty. She realizes that she is jealous of Juliana. Is Kitty in love with Yuri after all?

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