Silo Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – what happened in Juliette’s past?

By Adam Lock
Published: May 19, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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Apple TV+ series Silo Season 1 Episode 4 - Truth - Recap


“Truth” is quite the slow burner, although it is masterfully put together nonetheless, introducing viewers to Juliette’s heart-breaking past while eking out further clues in the ongoing mysteries from the Silo.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Silo Season 1 Episode 4, “Truth,” which contains significant spoilers.

Silo digs deeper into Juliette’s (Rebecca Ferguson) past in “Truth,” using flashbacks to flesh out the new Sheriff’s backstory.

While in the present, Juliette is tasked with her first-ever case, the mysterious death of Mayor Ruth Jahns (Geraldine James). Tensions are rising in the Silo, a new rebellion begins to build pace, and Juliette’s position is threatened almost immediately.

Silo Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Starting with these flashback sequences, Juliette’s childhood is explored in more detail. Her brother Jacob seems quite ill, needing oxygen to recover from an episode. Later, it is revealed that Jacob has died, along with Juliette’s mother.

Juliette’s father, Dr. Pete Nichols, struggles to cope with losing two major family members, leaving Juliette to fend for herself. She is asked to take her brother’s and her mother’s belongings to recycling. Clearly, her father needs to be rid of these items to help her forget his pain. Juliette keeps Jacob’s cuddly toy as a memento, though.

What happened in Juliette’s past?

The daughter grows up fast, left to cook on her own. She starts to fix an old chair and discovers she has a knack for these things. Juliette yearns to be a mechanic. She continues to argue with her father and decides to move to the lower levels.

Juliette fakes a letter and meets with a younger Martha Walker. She wants to shadow her and become an engineer. Juliette is placed in the scavenger’s team, where workers have five minutes to sort through the recycling items. If there are any more valuable pieces, these are kept to be fixed.

Martha sees through the forged letter and contacts Juliette’s dad Pete to come and fetch her. Juliette refuses to leave, though, and confesses; she, too, needs a distraction from her grief. The long, grueling hours keep her focused. Martha orders Juliette to shadow Knox, her future boss.

How was Mayor Jahns killed?

In the present timeline, Juliette is summoned to Jahns’ crime scene. On her arrival, she finds Bernard (head of IT), Marnes (the deputy sheriff), and Robert Sims (head of security) discussing the death. Marnes is heartbroken that his love interest has died. He believes she was killed with rat poison, although he thinks he was the target, not Jahns.

Bernard is to take over as the interim Mayor for the time being. He instates Juliette as the new Sheriff, although she isn’t his choice of leader.

They have a rocky history, but Bernard will forgive and forget. Juliette is quickly introduced to her new office and apartment. Holston’s assistant Sandy takes an instant dislike for Juliette.

Juliette searches for her old lover, George’s file but can’t find it anywhere. She finds a cryptic note from Holston. Then she is called to deal with an angry Marnes. She finds him beating a man in public. Juliette manages to calm Marnes down before he does something he’ll regret.

What is Marnes’ plan?

The deputy wants answers. He’s decided to track down all of his enemies one by one. Juliette and Marnes discuss Holston. Juliette reveals the circumstances surrounding her hiring, including the murder case and the search for a sign. Juliette is unsure if Holston’s badge and the word ‘truth’ written on it are the signs that she is after. Marnes and Juliette agree to work together towards their own goals.

They separately investigate their cases. Juliette looks for Holston’s hard drive and George’s file while Marnes interrogates possible suspects. Sims pays Marnes a visit later that day. Judge Meadows wants Paul Billings instated as the new Sheriff. They need Bernard and Marnes’ signatures to oust Juliette. Marnes refuses to sign anything or work for Meadows.

Silo Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

That night, Marnes gets drunk, reminiscing on the good times he shared with Mayor Jahns. He overhears Juliette and Martha talking on the radio. Martha asks if she has made any allies yet, but Juliette is unsure if she can trust Marnes.

Martha mentions them making progress down in the lower levels, adding that they may need Juliette’s insight. Martha continues to work on fixing the camcorder that she was given.

What does Juliette find in Holston’s apartment?

The episode ends with Juliette investigating her new apartment. She hears a rattling noise in the vent and finds hidden documents. These include files on George Wilkins, the computer repairs man who helped Allison with the hard drive.

Meanwhile, Marnes is attacked in his apartment by an unknown intruder.

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