Who is Alex in XO, Kitty? Explained

May 19, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Who is Alex in XO, Kitty? Explained. We discuss the character of Alex from the Netflix original romantic series. This article contains spoilers.

The Netflix teen rom-com XO, Kitty focuses on the many adolescent romances of the students at KISS, the Korean Independent School of Seoul. But there is a far more interesting subplot going on within all this bubble-gum romance.

Kitty has gone to Seoul to follow in her mother’s footsteps, and there lies a whole backstory waiting to be explored as Kitty finds out about her mother’s darkest secret. The character of Alex links in with all this family drama, but who is Alex in XO, Kitty?

Who is Alex in XO, Kitty?

Alex Finnerty is a new teacher at KISS who happens to come from Melbourne, Australia. He starts at KISS during the same semester that Kitty does. He is Kitty’s chemistry teacher. Alex quickly sparks up a good friendship with Kitty as these two newbies seem drawn to one another.

As the series progresses, Kitty starts to investigate her mother’s past. She finds out that Eve, her mom, had a baby in 1993, but she gave them up for adoption. The baby was adopted in Australia. Kitty quickly joins the dots, believing Alex to be her half-brother.

After the Chuseok meal, Alex informs Kitty that he thinks his father is Professor Lee. Kitty tells Alex that she believes her mother is also his mother. Although later, Yuri and Kitty discover the real truth about Alex’s parents.

Is Alex Yuri’s biological brother?

During lengthy detention, Yuri and Kitty further investigate their mothers’ shared past. They discover that Eve and Jina (Yuri’s mother) were best friends. In the yearbook photograph, Jina looks like she is pregnant. Kitty realizes that Eve isn’t Alex’s mother, but Jina is. Eve covered for Jina to protect her friend.

Yuri and Alex are half-siblings who share the same mother but have different fathers. Alex later meets with Jina, looking for answers. He had done a DNA test, which led him to Professor Lee. Then he decided to take a job at the school to get to know Professor Lee better. He didn’t know about his mother until Kitty figured it out.

Jina eventually tells everyone involved the truth. Informing Professor Lee and Yuri about Alex. She says that she didn’t tell Professor Lee at the time to protect him. He is, of course, hurt by her lies. In the end, Jina vows to spend more time with Alex going forwards.

Who plays Alex in XO, Kitty?

Alex is played by Peter Thurnwald, an up-and-coming Australian actor. Similar to the storyline in XO, Kitty, Peter Thurnwald was also adopted from South Korea and raised in Australia. After playing an extra in Kong: Skull Island, Peter Thurnwald has gone on to enjoy a successful TV career.

What is Peter Thurnwald known for?

Peter Thurnwald is known for starring as Foresite in the Paramount+ original series Players and taking on a larger role in Bump, portraying the character of Lachie Koh. He doesn’t currently have any further roles in pre-production, but Peter Thurnwald is an emerging talent to keep an eye on in the future.  

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