Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 Recap – What happens after Ji-seon’s death?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: May 21, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 Recap - What happens after Ji-seon's death?


Another solid episode helps build excitement for Doctor Cha’s final four installments.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 contains spoilers.

With plenty unfolding, this episode of Doctor Cha contained a fair bit of poignance in and amongst its usual themes. With Jeong-suk now set on getting a divorce, we should be in for an entertaining final couple of weeks, especially given it looks like In-ho will be left well and truly alone.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

Why is Ji-seon discharged?

Despite Jeong-suk’s best efforts in scolding both In-ho and Roy Kim, the bickering pair can’t avoid trading more petty verbal blows about adultery, and what intentions the latter may have with a married woman. Elsewhere, Ji-seon is told she should be admitted to hospital for a potential intestinal obstruction, on the eve of her newborn’s discharge.

As a worn-out Jung-min allows Ji-seon’s discharge, given she isn’t overly concerned about her “acute abdomen” symptoms, Eun-seo punts I-rang’s artwork upon her bitter academy exit. This whole ordeal leaves Seung-hi wanting to speak to Jeong-suk, where she heatedly requests that her rival quits her residency, or gets a divorce.

What happens with Seung-hi’s love life?

Continuing, Seung-hi insists she won’t be resigning, so challenges Jeong-suk to make her own move. Clearly, the adulterous head of family medicine is still clinging to the fact In-ho was her partner initially, rooted in the belief this bit of context makes all the difference in justifying her affair.

While In-ho handwaves Seung-hi’s berating of him, wanting to “talk after work” instead, Jung-min finds himself in trouble. For Ji-seon is now in grave danger, meaning Roy Kim has to be enlisted to help potentially save the life of the new mother now suspected to have a double primary cancer.

Keeping the promise made to his wife, In-ho opts to end things with Seung-hi. Naturally, this decision isn’t taken well, and threats are made over the potential exposing of this affair, should the professor insist he’d rather ask for the forgiveness of Jeong-suk, who he supposedly “depended” on.

What is the response to Ji-seon’s death?

Unfortunately, Ji-seon is unable to be saved, and her passing hits Jung-min hard to the point he practically goes missing. To make matters worse, I-rang’s mock exam results are confirmed to have been underwhelming, and she is also considered rather despondent at school. In-ho, understandably, is blamed.

At Ji-seon’s funeral, In-ho and Jeong-suk are heavily rebuked, with their son labelled a killer, and allegations of “medical malpractice” freely slung about for the way the late cancer patient was originally discharged for her stomach pain. Elsewhere, So-ra finds the hiding Jung-min.

After the disappointment of hearing In-ho may pin some blame on Seung-hi to avoid Jung-min being held solely culpable for Ji-seon’s death, Jeong-suk emotionally visits the mother of the deceased. Here, the resident gets candid about her own flirtation with death, before explaining the potential wish Ji-seon would’ve had for her newborn child to be taken care of by her parents once she’d passed away.

How is Jung-min comforted?

As I-rang is comforted on everything from her studies to the situation involving her parents, In-ho meets with Jung-min. Surprisingly, the professor is compassionate towards his son, explaining a situation where his own rookie judgement led to the death of a patient, and offering gentle instructions that this large mistake should be learnt from to “help even more people.” “That’s how we all become doctors,” In-ho adds.

With the support of So-ra, Jung-min plucks up the courage to visit the funeral of the patient he wrongly discharged. Elsewhere, Seung-hi finds out In-ho is responding to Ji-seon’s family’s attempts at suing by floating around the idea of her department being partially at fault.

While Jeong-suk is reminded by Roy Kim to look after herself, Seung-hi goes back and forth with In-ho about who is truly at fault for Ji-seon’s death. The former admits she’s “offended” her department is being blamed, whereas the latter insists he’ll only give Jung-min a warning, adding that technically the deceased was a family medicine patient.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 Ending Explained

Following Jeong-suk’s help with the memorial service of In-ho’s father, plus the humorous admission from Ae-sim that she has a “boyfriend,” things get more serious. The adulterous professor is informed his wife wants a divorce because she’s ready to drop the man who hasn’t treated her correctly.

“As my husband, you no longer hold any meaning to me,” Jeong-suk says, wanting to stick a pin in her hatred for In-ho and move on. Thus, the resident, who reveals her desire to be “liberated,” confirms her want of separation.

With this in mind, the episode ends with In-ho suddenly collapsing, and Jeong-suk gaining a large amount of concern.

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