Where was The Ultimatum: Queer Love filmed?

May 25, 2023 (Last updated: 2 days ago)
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Where was The Ultimatum: Queer Love filmed? We discuss the popular Netflix reality TV series and its filming locations. 

There is no doubt that Netflix has capitalized on its reality series for its platform. With the success of Love is Blind and Too Hot To Handle, those series led to some pretty exciting reality series. The Ultimatum was created after season two of Love is Blind and garnered a substantial audience.

The concept is heartbreaking for some because you enter the show with your significant other, and then they place a decision on the table: marry me, or it’s over.

Imagine walking into a beautiful resort and not knowing the question you’re about to be asked. Since there aren’t many Queer reality shows, Netflix thought creating a spinoff series of The Ultimatum would be a good idea.

In this series, audiences will follow couples of women and non-binary people over eight weeks as they find themselves at a critical point in their relationship, one ready for marriage and the other one not.

Like any other reality series, they usually find a gorgeous space for these cast members to live in while their time is being documented. It can be a resort in a beautiful place or a large home that they found to accommodate everyone.

The locations for reality series do make the show because of the dates they have to go on. So it’s important to pick an area that has great restaurants and an aesthetic that works with the reality show.

There must be easy access and large enough areas for film crews to record the cast members. It may not seem as hard as it sounds, but scouting locations for “candid” or impromptu outings can be difficult.

Where was The Ultimatum: Queer Love filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

San Diego, California 

The Ultimatum: Queer Love was filmed in sunny San Diego. It is a spot that can be considered leisurely because of the beaches surrounding it, a lovely zoo, and thousands of high-end restaurants for the cast to dive into.

There are different restaurants that are located across town that they focused on, like The Yasai and the San Diego beaches: La Jolla Cove, Coronado Beach, and Pacific Beach. Almost anywhere in San Diego is an adventure because it is lively.

From coffee shops to wine bars like Shake and Muddle to the Gaslamp Quarter, there are plenty of places to remember when you visit San Diego. There were conversations had from the series in all of these places, and it shows that no matter how beautiful the place is, there can still be an argument about one’s relationship.

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