Where was MerPeople on Netflix filmed? Locations Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: May 27, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Where was MerPeople on Netflix filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Where was MerPeople on Netflix filmed? We discuss the popular and intriguing documentary series and its location. 

There are Mermaids everywhere. In movies and now in a documentary series on Netflix.

Perhaps the timing of the release of the tv show was strategic, and you have to hand it to them. Strategic mermaid releasing is tight, so if you have a show about real-life mermaids, and there’s a theatrically released film that is a real-life remake of an animated cartoon, then you can see why they would do their best to try and catch a bit of that wave.

Netflix’s MerPeople is a look at an industry I had no idea was a thing. Apparently, the business generates over half a billion dollars, and it boils down to people pretending to be MerPeople.

The four-episode series follows some people who enjoy a rather niche form of cosplay. We meet the MerPeople and the actual creators of the outfits, which can cost as much as five thousand dollars.

I have no way of relating to any of this, and I am sure that many people who stumble across the series will be in the same boat, but the show does try to explain the motivations and skills that are involved in making the mermaid business viable.

Mermaids have a lot to contend with. Holding your breath underwater and swimming with the style and flair of a mythical creature requires practice and training, like anyone partaking in a sport, and of course, there are health problems associated with the practice, including sinus and ear infections.

The show focuses on the people behind the activity, and that is where the series is at its most interesting. However, this article will quickly look at the show’s production and answer the question, where was the Netflix series MerPeople filmed?

Where was MerPeople on Netflix filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Little Rock, Arkansas

Some of the show was filmed in Little Rock, a city in the Arkansas River and the Capital of Arkansas. We see one of the Mermaids in the show currently living in this location, so filming was done there as we follow her journey.

Citrus County, Florida

There are many scenes filmed in Florida, and let’s face it, if you were a MerPerson, Florida is probably one of the places you would head to.

There’s a specifically designed establishment called Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter, where filming for parts of the show was recorded.

It is located at 4100 West Gulf To Lake Hwy, Lecanto, and hosts many underwater-based Mermaid activities.

Miami, Florida

Also, in Florida, we have the Miami Seaquarium, and it appears that there has been some shooting done at this location too.

The Bahamas

The crowning of the king and the Queen of the Seas takes place in the Bahamas, so there is some filming location work done here too.

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