Is Peacock’s Based on a True Story really based on a true story?

June 9, 2023 (Last updated: June 10, 2023)
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Is Peacocks Based on a True Story really based on a true story

Is Peacock’s Based on a True Story really based on a true story? We discuss the popular Peacock series and debate whether it’s on real events.

If you are a regular reader of the articles and news features on Ready Steady Cut, you will know that we extensively cover the true crime genre. We have plenty of articles covering the genre, including explanations and details about some of the chilling real-life nightmares happening out there and on the streaming platforms.

The true crime category continues to grow on streaming sites, and there seems to be a huge audience looking for that kind of content.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before a show like Based on a True Story would arrive.

Peacock has noted a real growth in the audience for true crime and has responded with a series that takes a sideways look at those types of shows. With its tongue firmly on its cheek, the wry show delights in poking fun at shows of this nature and has attracted some attention since dropping in 2023.

There is an obvious question that some viewers have been understandably wondering about, and this article will answer it for you.

What is Based on a True Story on Peacock about?

A statement released on Deadline from Peacock sums the premise of the show up very succinctly. The release would say, “Inspired by real events, ‘Based on a True Story’ explores America’s obsession with true crime and serial killers.”

The storyline follows couple Ava and Nathan, who gets an idea for a true crime podcast with red flags waving from the outset.

The pair are looking to create the ultimate true-crime podcast and enlist the aid of a notorious serial killer called The Westside Ripper to help them go viral.

I wonder if you can guess how well this works for them all.

Is Peacock’s Based on a True Story really based on a true story?

No, the show may tap into several ideas and vibes that true crime lovers will associate with, but the story is really a satire on the genre and not in any way a real-life event.

The reason for the confusion may come from some of the tropes used in the show and the character of the serial killer in the show.

The well-observed comedy manages to tap into a lot of the narrative devices that real true crime stories use, giving the impression that there may be some aspects of the show are true.

It is probably safe to say that the tone and vibe of the show may capture the feel of the genre, but the actual plot does not represent a true incident.

Are the characters in Based on a True Story real?

No, the characters are all fictional, although there has been some speculation about the serial killer in the show. The Westside Ripper is the serial killer in the series and is on a campaign of terror in the Los Angeles area.

Ava and Nathan, desperate for an income, stumble across the character and see a chance to make a little of that online cash.

Although there may be ways of tying the fictional killer with a real-life one, such as The Gorilla Man, it would be safer to say that he may be made up from several aspects of different notorious murderers rather than just one.

Even a dark series like this one (written by Craig Rosenberg, who is one of the teams behind Prime Video’s superhero deconstruction The Boys) might veer away from presenting a real-life serial killer in a satirical comedy show, so we think an amalgamation may be in play here.

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