Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact Review – A strong return to the stage

By Ricky Valero
Published: June 13, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact Review - A strong return to the stage


Amy Schumer’s return to the stage with Emergency Contact is hilarious. Although not perfect, Schumer has hit another level.

This review of the Netflix Stand Up Special Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact does not contain spoilers.

Amy Schumer is returning to the stand-up comedy stage for the first time since 2019. Her brand new special, Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact marks her sixth stand-up special and third for Netflix.

Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact Review

Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact sees Schumer tackle all the things that have happened to her since her last special. From motherhood to postpartum sex to her baby-naming disaster, Schumer gets as personal as ever.

The best thing to happen to a comedian is life-changing things they can joke about. With Schumer, she had a baby, and life as a comedian has changed forever. She has plenty of fresh material to utilize on the stage, and you can see she fully fleshed it out because her new material is fantastic. The entire baby naming bit was pure genius.

There is something about Schumer’s delivery that has always made her jokes funnier to me. She doesn’t have this outlandish style but a more subtle, calm, almost deadpan delivery. As a result, when she hits that punchline and she has this straight face, it makes the joke that much funnier.

Schumer has had a divisive career where people love or hate her. I’ve always been on the former because she’s always had this ability to make me laugh with her storytelling, which she tightly brings back together full circle. Emergency Contact is no different, as she builds you up within these stories and drives the jokes home.

I’ll admit some weaker bits in this special didn’t hit home runs. For one, there was one dedicated to Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, that just fell right on its face. On the flip side, she had a bit about her and her husband going to a party of a blind man that everyone pretended wasn’t blind, which is a slam dunk. When Schumer leans heavier into her husband or family dynamic, her jokes strike gold, but things get a little rough when she wavers away.

Is Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact good or bad?

While this isn’t Schumer’s best work to date, it’s nice to see her return to the stage with some fresh new material that will make you laugh. The stronger bits outweigh some of the weaker bits making it a good time overall.

Is Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact worth watching?

Despite not landing every joke, Amy Schumer’s return to the stage is a reminder that she is one of the better joke writers as she adapts to the new phase of her life. It’s strong enough to recommend watching to fans and nonfans of Schumer alike.

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