Swagger Season 2 Review – the endearing sports drama returns

By Adam Lock
Published: June 20, 2023 (Last updated: August 1, 2023)
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Apple TV+ series Swagger Season 2 Review


Swagger very nearly becomes a conventional and cloying sports drama series time and time again, but it consistently saves itself from these cliches with a charming cast and a persistent script that hammers home the stresses of being in the spotlight.

Here is our review of the Apple TV+ series Swagger Season 2, which does not contain spoilers.

Basketball continues to be one of the most popular sports in America and, to some extent, the world. In the USA, its success has reached a stage where all the many levels of the game are eagerly followed and debated.

This means that a high school basketball player can effectively become a celebrity overnight. Swagger focuses on such an individual, the basketball prodigy Jace Carson.

Swagger Season 2 Review and Plot Summary

In the second season of the hit Apple TV+ Original series, Jace (Isaiah Hill) must juggle various responsibilities, with dreams of performing in the NBA constantly looming over him.

Obviously, he has his basketball career to focus on, but there are other pressing issues to deal with, too, including financial woes at home and the educational demands placed on him by Cedar Cove.

That’s not all the teen has to contend with. Jace is also being courted by the most prestigious colleges and universities from across the land. This recruitment pressure, on top of all the other concerns, has caused Jace to stop sleeping, and he appears to be turning inwards at the start of the new season.

Jace can only really concentrate when he’s out on the court, where he undoubtedly shines. And the Mustangs are going from strength to strength this year.

In the premiere installment, viewers are given a handy, stylized stats update on all the other teammates, which is a helpful reminder or reintroduction to the many cast members in Swagger.

The teen superstar is joined by his closest allies: Musa Rahaim, Drew Murphy, Royale Hughes, and Nick Mendez. There’s also Camden Ryder’s son CJ rising through the ranks and Seat Pleasant’s very own sensation, Phil Marksby. These players form a close-knit group, but one drastic revelation looks set to undo all of their hard work.

Not to forget, there’s the return of Ike Edwards (O’Shea Jackson Jr.), the lovable head coach. In season two, Ike is offered multiple positions in high school basketball, but eventually, he is drawn back to overseeing Jace’s final years, hoping to help him cross that finish line in style.

We get to spend more time with Ike this time around and explore more of his personal life too. There’s also a hilarious rivalry between him and athletic director Dr. Emory Lawson (Orlando Jones).

Is Swagger Season 2 good or bad?

Season two of Swagger is yet another charming and authentic exploration of youth basketball. Creator Reggie Rock Bythewood and producer Kevin Durant have improved upon the standard sports drama structure, sculpting a realistic depiction of the pressures of stardom and pursuing your dreams.

The series boasts an addictive soundtrack and glistens with the usual sheen of a polished Apple TV+ original. It may be formulaic and is constantly verging on the over-sentimental, but it consistently avoids these tired cliches with endearing characters and ever-mounting tension.

Is Swagger Season 2 worth watching?

Swagger doesn’t try to reinvent or push the boundaries of the genre. It keeps things simple and engaging, relying on its wealth of characters and that never-give-up, underdog mentality to win over its audience.

Season two is nothing new, but the modern angle and the respect for its cast make this a satisfying addition to the sports drama category nonetheless.

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