The Crowded Room Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – who was Danny’s saviour?

By Adam Lock
Published: June 23, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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Apple TV+ series The Crowded Room Season 1 Episode 4 Recap


“Savior” tackles some extremely tricky subject matter in a mature and respectable fashion, leading to a powerful ending. But it is hard to ignore the fact that The Crowded Room has dragged out its many plot twists and ambiguous mysteries for five episodes now.

We recap the Apple TV+ series The Crowded Room Season 1 Episode 5, “Savior,” which contains spoilers.

Via troubling flashback sequences, we are shown Danny’s (Tom Holland) traumatic childhood, focusing on his relationships with his mom Candy (Emmy Rossum), twin brother Adam, and stepfather Marlin (Will Chase).

“Savior” delves even further back in time, exploring the key events from Danny’s youth that would go on to shape his criminal future.

The Crowded Room Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Rya kickstarts her latest interview by asking Danny to recount one of his happiest memories from his childhood. Danny centers on his time with his identical twin brother Adam.

Although this is actually a sad memory as Adam is going away to visit their father. This will be the first time that the twins are apart.

Danny returns to grade school without his brother’s support. Bill, the bully, tricks Danny out of his spending money, and Danny retaliates by trashing the place.

This introduces Danny to guidance counselor Mr. Jones. The Principal writes Danny’s mother a note and sends the troubled boy home for the day.

Danny’s day only gets worse, though, when he discovers that his mother is ditching him for her second job that evening. He begs her to take him with her so that he doesn’t have to spend the night alone.

Back in the present, Rya comments on the fact that she has spoken with Candy, adding that she wants to come to visit Danny. This puts a smile on his face.

What event traumatized Danny?

In the flashback, Danny is taken to Candy’s work. Danny spends the night at an adult bar, where he witnesses a horrific fight, one that is clearly a racial attack. Danny watches the fight first-hand and is traumatized by the violence. He even ends up with blood on his face.

Danny tells Rya that he thinks that one event cursed him for the rest of his life. He believes all the problems that followed were spurred on by this one moment.

The interview segment ends with Danny stating that things were getting dire at home; they needed a savior.

Enter Marlin, who we find out is a senior counselor at a juvenile detention center. The writers do a great job of showing a lighter, friendlier side to Marlin, who helps a new inmate acclimatize to life in prison.

Although this is not the beginning of a fairy tale story, Marlin is only putting on an act.

Who was Candy’s savior?

After his working day, Marlin drives to Candy’s bar. They drink together, chat and almost instantly fall in love. Candy returns home that night drunk and content. She now believes that she’s found her savior. Marlin and Candy start dating. The senior counselor even bonds with Danny.

That night, Danny witnesses his mother and Marlin having sex. This event also scars the boy. The next morning, Adam comes back into his life. They discuss Adam’s visit and the introduction of Marlin.

In the present, Danny reiterates just how much he misses his brother.

At school, Danny performs a show-and-tell presentation. He talks about his father moving to London. Danny shows the class a tourist guide he hopes to use the next time he visits his dad in the capital. After class, Mr. Jones keeps Danny behind.

He sits uncomfortably close to the boy and places both his hands on Danny’s thighs. Mr. Jones is interrupted, though, by Marlin’s sudden appearance.

Marlin then takes Danny home. Danny finds his brother Adam already waiting for him in the car. On the way home, Marlin questions Danny about Mr. Jones, asking if he touched him.

Danny denies anything happening. Marlin changes the subject, talking about how he is going to propose to Candy.

This proposal somehow turns into a twisted pact between Marlin and Danny. He then asks Danny to keep a secret.

The boys are then driven to an unknown location. Marlin states that he has something to show Danny. Adam urges Danny to stay in the car, but Danny complies. Marlin manipulates Danny into coming with him to a farmhouse.

Adam decides to take over at this point, going with Marlin instead. They head into a barn together while Danny watches the surrounding landscape and the fireflies. It’s then heavily implied that Marlin sexually abuses Adam.

The Crowded Room Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Who was Danny’s savior?

Rya asks how long it was before Marlin married Candy. Danny replies that the wedding was only a few months later. Rya asks if Marlin kept up the sexual abuse, and Danny confirms that it continued. Adam was always the victim, and Candy was never aware of the abuse. Danny states that Adam was his savior; he took the abuse for him so that he was spared.

The episode ends with Rya asking how Adam died, but Danny refuses to answer.

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