Are Yennefer and Geralt together in The Witcher Season 3?

By Lori Meek
Published: July 4, 2023
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Are Yennefer and Geralt together in The Witcher Season 3

Are Yennefer and Geralt together in The Witcher Season 3? We discuss a key plot point from the popular Netflix series.

As far as medieval fantasy couples go, few are as stirring as The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer of Vengerberg. It does help that the characters are played by Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra, who happen to share an abundance of on-screen chemistry. 

Sparks have been flying from the moment these two lovebirds first laid eyes on each other, but at the end of Season 2, she made an unforgivable choice that almost cost Ciri’s life. Was Geralt able to eventually forgive Yennefer, and are they together in Season 3?

Yennefer and Geralt The Witcher Relationship Journey So Far

Geralt first came across Yennefer after the djinn he summoned almost killed Jaskier. She was holding most of the town of Rinde under her spell and using the residents for her amusement, mostly having them engage in orgies. 

The two were smitten with each other, and even after Yen used Geralt to get revenge on a couple of council members, he still wanted to save her life from the djinn she was stubbornly trying to capture. After using his last wish to save her life, the tumultuous affair between the two began. 

A year later, Yennefer ran into Geralt again as they were both at the same dragon-slaying party. During the hunt, the two shared a few steamy moments inside a tent, and Geralt learned about her desperate attempts to cure her infertility. 

He wasn’t the most supportive of Yennefer’s quest for motherhood as he believed their respective lifestyles weren’t suited for raising babies. 

Borch, the golden dragon, revealed the wish Geralt made to the djinn, which infuriated her. And Yennefer and Geralt parted ways seemingly for good after helping Borch save his dragon egg. 

The pair wouldn’t see each other again for decades, and Geralt would briefly believe her to have died at the Battle of Sodden Hill. 

Why did Yennefer betray Geralt?

After using forbidden fire magic to save Tissaia’s life and help the mages win the Battle of Sodden Hill, Yennefer was devastated to learn her actions had a price; her magic. The demon known as the Deathless Mother promised to return Yen’s powers in exchange for giving her Ciri. 

At first, Yennefer resisted the evil demon’s request. But she then found herself in a bit of a bind; Aretuza and all the Northern kingdoms wanted Yen’s head on a platter for failing to prove her loyalty by decapitating Cahir. Instead, she rescued the Nilfgaardian knight. 

Desperate to get her powers back, Yennefer portalled Ciri away while Geralt was busy fighting off Rience and his men. She got to Cintra with the young girl but had a last-minute change of heart. 

Unfortunately, it was too little too late, as the Deathless Mother had already escaped her prison hut and taken over Ciri’s body. 

At Kaer Morhen, the demon managed to kill two of Geralt’s witcher brothers before Yen offered her own body to get the Deathless Mother out of Ciri, saving her. Luckily, the mage’s willingness to sacrifice herself restored her magic. 

But it did cause a rift in her relationship with Geralt. 

Are Yennefer and Geralt together in The Witcher Season 3?

Yennefer and Geralt are indeed a couple by the end of the first volume of Season 3. But things might still change in the final three episodes. 

At the start of Season 3, the relationship between Yennefer and Geralt was strained, to say the least. While the two were traveling with Ciri and working on keeping the young princess safe, Geralt made a point of not speaking to Yennefer. 

Instead, she would communicate by leaving him notes talking about Ciri’s progress during her magical training. But as time went on, Geralt warmed up to his former lover, and the three started enjoying a makeshift family life. 

Eventually, Yen earned back Geralt’s trust to the point where he let her take Ciri to train at Aretuza without him. 

When Geralt joined her at Aretuza, their relationship grew even more. At the mages ball organized by Yennefer, we can see the couple scheming, making love, and working together to bring down Stregobor, who they (mistakenly) believed to be the mage controlling Rience. 

Geralt even utters those three magical words to Yenn, “I love you,” for the first time. 

Do Yennefer and Geralt have a child?

Not quite. Both Yennefer and Geralt are sterile. It was the price they paid for their respective supernatural abilities and beauty, in Yennefer’s case. 

However, Ciri is Geralt’s “Child Surprise” as the two are connected by destiny. Since meeting the young woman, he developed parental feelings towards her, while Yennefer has formed a maternal devotion for the princess. The three do make for an unconventional family. 

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