The Initiated (Los Iniciados) Ending Explained – How does Frank expose Augusto?

By Marc Miller
Published: July 9, 2023
The Initiated (Los Iniciados) Ending Explained - How does Frank expose Augusto behind the disappearances in the Kasbah?

This article discusses the ending of the Prime Video film The Initiated (Los Iniciados)and will contain spoilers.

The Initiated follows journalist Frank Molina, a manic, weathered, alcohol-soaked reporter who sees himself as a guardian of truth. Frank has fallen on tough times, self-medicating his depression to help manage his bipolar tendencies.

He becomes entangled in the case of Moni, his former journalism student and a transgender reporter who runs an independent outlet focused on reporting the toxic water crisis and the recent increase in disappearances.

The Initiated (Los Iniciados) Ending Explained

Frank plans to speak to her the next day, but unfortunately, Moni doesn’t make it. She turns up dead, apparently as a result of suicide. However, something feels off about Moni’s death because her body has gone missing.

Why was Moni killed?

Moni was killed because she was investigating the toxic water supply and the disappearance of people in the city known as the Kasbah. Moni also owned an apartment in the area where an unknown person was buying up properties. Frank said this was another reason she was killed because the unknown villain wanted to buy as much of the Kasbah as possible.

How are they getting rid of the bodies?

An assassin named Teddy is taking bodies and cremating them in a purpose-built furnace. Teddy also killed a man named Torres, a former peasant who managed to buy a plot of land for his family. Teddy also murdered Leonidas, the foundry owner where the crematorium is located.

What does Frank Molina find at the bottom of the cremation chamber?

Frank finds Moni’s medallion at the bottom of the cremation chamber. While investigating the disappearance of Leonidas, Frank sees the foundry and climbs into the furnace built into the ground. There, he finds a jawbone and a medallion connected to a chain. Frank makes the connection and assumes Moni was cremated, which would explain why they cannot locate the body.

Why are people disappearing from the Kasbah?

People are disappearing in the Kasbah because Augusto Pombo, an influential businessman, and crime boss, is trying to buy up properties in the area. However, for the residents, ownership is more about pride than money. To accomplish this, he kills the owners, who are the breadwinners, forcing the families to sell the properties cheaply.

When he had Torres killed, Pombo used his name to buy up the properties in the area. Also, he is positioning his son Ignacio to win the Mayoral race. When he does, he is forcing Ignacio to push a bill to privatize the subsoil in the Kasbah. The elder Pombo is extorting Ignacio because he has pictures of him having an affair with Gaby.

What is The Snake’s Nest

The Snake’s Nest is a myth and a water supply source with excellent healing powers. Augusto thinks the Snake’s Nest exists and is located in the Kasbah. Frank discovers it exists under the local church at the center of the Snake’s Nest map Augusto found. Frank outlined it on a map documenting properties being bought up and disappearing citizens in the Kasbah.

When Frank confronts Augusto (and secretly tapes him), the villain all but admits his actions. Even though the water source under the church is the last clean water in the city, Augusto would rather watch millions die so he can have it for himself to cure his skin cancer caused by toxic rainfalls.

Why does Ignacio try to kill Gaby?

Augusto tells his son he must kill Gaby because she is the last loose end. While Augusto has Teddy take Frank to the foundry, Ignacio approaches Gaby and begs her to forgive him. He shows her the tape that had fallen out of Frank’s pocket. Ignacio tells Gaby he will turn his father in in a week, but they must wait. It becomes apparent to Gaby that Ignacio cares about winning the election first.

When Gaby refuses, Ignacio becomes angry and tells her she can’t do this to him. Realizing he may be there to kill her, she has Moni’s box cutter in her pocket and asks her lover that very question. Ignacio then pulls out his gun. Before he has a chance to shoot, Gaby stabs him in the ribs. Wrestling to the ground, Ignacio chokes Gaby, who reaches for the knife and stabs him several times, killing Ignacio.

How does Frank expose Augusto behind the disappearances in the Kasbah?

Frank hands over the tape and all the evidence he collected to his former editor after escaping from the foundry where Teddy intended to kill him. Frank manages to escape by pushing Teddy into the furnace, causing them both to fall in. Frank climbs and locks Teddy in, and it is assumed that Teddy was cremated. The story is published, and Augusto is arrested for the murders.

Frank returns to reporting, giving up alcohol and faithfully taking his medications to control his bipolar personality disorder.

What is the point of The Initiated (Los Iniciados)?

The Initiated is based on Mario Mendoza‘s Frank Molina series of books, whose themes highlight the importance of journalism’s role in society. The director and writers portray the profession as equivalent to a superhero.

Furthermore, if you are familiar with the attacks on reporters beyond the southern American border, spanning countries from Mexico to the setting of Columbia in this case, you understand the danger involved in reporting on criminals and the connection between political corruption.

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