Survival of the Thickest Made Use Of Well-Known New York Filming Locations

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 17, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Survival of the Thickest Season 1 Filming Locations
Survival of the Thickest Season 1 (Credit - Netflix)

Everyone loves a comeback story, and everyone loves quirky New Yorkers, and Survival of the Thickest embraces both of those themes in this 2023 comedy drama. The eight-episode series finds a bitter-sweet balance between drama and comedy, and although there have been plenty of other films and TV shows that have a similar premise, Survival of the Thickest manages to make use of some popular, well known locations.

Survival of the Thickest Filming Locations

New York City, New York

There is no surprise that the series would be entirely filmed in and around New York, as that is where the story is set.

New York City has been used in so many productions that if you ever get to visit the place, it almost feels like you have walked onto a movie set; it is so iconic.

New York has almost become a character itself, as audiences are so familiar with it, so if a show is set there, you really need to make sure you sell the situation by including plenty of establishing shots and location filming.

Survival of the Thickest knows what is expected and delivers on this front.

Manhattan, West 125th Street

A quick look at the trailer gives you a feel for the show, and the first shot we see is off 125th Street in Manhattan.

The street is also known as Martin Luthor King Jnr Boulevard.

Raw Bar, New York

The trailer also shows us an establishing shot of a Raw Bar. The trouble is there are a few of these in New York, and it was hard to find the one used in the show.

If anyone can help out, feel free to drop a note in the comments, we are edging towards the location being in the Lower East Side, but let us know if you recognize it so we can update this article.

Various New York locations

Of course, there are plenty of other landmarks presented in the establishing shots for the show, and you will no doubt be able to pick them out without our help, but it might be of some interest to note that the show is under the umbrella of A24, the production company behind films such as Ex Machina, The Witch, Room, Hereditary, and Midsommar.

It might surprise some of you to know that A24 has an extensive line of TV shows in its catalog, as well as an incredible portfolio of films.

Based in New York, the distribution and production company is very familiar with all the locations used in the show.

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