Where are Peter and Henry Elkind now? Paul Newman’s Grandchildren Explained

July 19, 2023
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Where are Peter and Henry Elkind now - Paul Newmans Grandchildren Explained

Where are Peter and Henry Elkind now? We discuss the 2022 Max documentary series The Last Movie Stars.

If you are of a certain age, there may be a period of Hollywood that has gone under your radar.

A time when movie stars were almost mythical creatures, and the world of film was a fantastic and wonderous realm inhabited by a host of enigmatic, mysterious, and beautiful icons.

It has passed.

The era of the Hollywood superstar, for better or worse, has been eroded into a husk of its former self. Icons fall, systems collapse, and we cannot help but stare at the man behind the curtain.

Regardless of your views on current moviemaking, it is hard to dispute that the interest in the stars of yesteryear is still there, and that leads me to offer up the Max documentary series The Last Movie Stars, a six-part love story in documentary form, focusing on two Hollywood legends, their life together and their families.

Directed, on request, by Ethan Hawke, the show uses uncovered memoirs written by Paul Newman, covering intimate details about his long-term marriage to Joanne Woodward, transcripts that have been brought to life with narration from the likes of George Clooney and Laura Linney.

Newman had recorded hundreds of hours of interviews with some of the leading lights of Hollywood, then decided to destroy them all. However, they had been transcribed, and it is these written documents that form the backbone of the series.

It is a fascinating and evocative production, and if you are a fan of film, it is one to check out. In the meantime, if you have a moment, read this companion piece for the show that will answer the question: Where are Peter and Henry Elkind now?

Did Paul Newman have grandchildren?

Yes, he did. They were the children of Paul and Joanne’s daughter Melissa.

The two boys were named Peter Elkind and Henry Elkind and were their only grandchildren.

Where are Peter and Henry Elkind now?

In the Max series, the boys are interviewed and speak affectionately about their grandparents. Although understandably, Peter and Henry do not seem to court fame through their famous grandparents, there is some information about their current situations.

Peter will graduate from Middlebury College in Vermont in 2018 with a bachelor’s in psychology.

Reports indicate he has an interest in becoming a teacher. You can find Henry on Instagram @hennytheartist as he has moved into music, releasing his own compositions on Spotify and iTunes.

Henry studied towards a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies at Hamilton College, then went on to do a Master’s in Creative Media and songwriting at New York’s Berklee College of Music.

He currently resides in New York.

Did Paul Newman leave any money to his grandchildren?

Although Paul would leave a very detailed will that outlined many of the actions that were to be taken after his death, it appears that, as is often the case with these situations, it was not as clear cut as he hoped.

A look at Celebrity Net Worth indicates that Newman was worth about $80 million. However, when you take his estate and ongoing concerns into consideration, the number swells to around $600 million.

There has been an ongoing dispute between Paul’s daughters and the executor of his will Robert Forrester, with the family not happy with the way the will was handled.

The situation is sadly still ongoing.

Whether or not his beloved grandchildren received anything from his will is hard to confirm, but his relationship with them was very strong, so we are leaning toward Paul making sure they were looked after in some regards.

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