Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 2 Recap – what is Maddie and Cal’s two-week challenge?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 20, 2023
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Netflix series Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 2 Recap


The series is very steadily starting to improve, with less emphasis on theatrics, but the dialogue is still painfully preachy overall. The show works best when it unites the three main friends together, and there are a few wholesome moments to be enjoyed elsewhere, but Sweet Magnolias is still lacking any real spark or hook so far.

We recap the Netflix series Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 2, “Meet Me Where I Am,” which contains spoilers.

In the second installment, “Meet Me Where I Am,” Dana (Brooke Elliott) and Ronnie (Brandon Quinn) plan for Annie’s (Anneliese Judge) sixteenth birthday party, Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) tries to rebuild her relationship with Cal (Justin Bruening), and Helen (Heather Headley) contemplates her future, finally choosing between Ryan and Erik.

Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Carrying on from Helen and Erik’s conversation in the previous installment, they discuss Ryan’s proposal further. Erik is visibly shaken, furious that the love of his life would be considering another suitor.

He declares his love for Helen, yet he also admits that he’s made a mistake; he no longer wants to be Helen’s friend, let alone her lover.

This anger spills over into his work life. Isaac tries to talk with Erik about it at Sullivan’s, but the chef is still unable to discuss his emotions.

Later, they share a drink together, and Erik starts to open up a little more. Helen’s other love interest, Ryan, continues to push the engagement. But Helen won’t even answer the door to him.

Why does Tyler confront Cal?

Elsewhere, Tyler hears rumors about Cal’s fight. He worries that his mother is going to be ridiculed in the local community. So, he confronts Cal right away, missing his physical therapy session in the process. Cal apologizes and says how he is working on his emotions. Tyler is still angry with Cal but realizes that they are both coming from the same place, they want to defend Maddie.

Tyler’s father, Bill, finds out about the missed appointment and reschedules it for his son. He even drives Tyler there himself. The father and son discuss the missed appointment on the way. Tyler won’t admit the real reason why he skipped the session, though.

What is Maddie and Cal’s two-week challenge?

Maddie is unsure how to get through to Tyler, but she is making progress with Cal. They agree to be friends for the next two weeks, which means no intimacy of any kind, not even kissing or holding hands. Cal wants to get to know Maddie better and thinks this will do the trick, while the mother wants to be heard. They hope this two-week challenge will actually bring them closer together in the end.

Later, Tyler apologizes to his mom for missing the therapy session. He confesses to meeting with Cal instead. Maddie states that they are all trying to improve upon themselves, her and Cal included. She thanks Tyler for defending her but admits that he doesn’t need to fight all of her battles for her.

Maddie and Cal go for another walk together. Cal offers to help out in the community, and Maddie seems pleased by this new side of Cal. They nearly kiss but fight the urge.

Why is Annie worried about the money?

In Dana Sue’s storyline, she talks with her daughter Annie about her sweet sixteen birthday party. They want to throw a lavish party using Frances’ money, but Annie wants a small gathering. Annie worries that the money is going to change her parents. She asks Helen for advice. Helen suggests Annie is truthful with her parents.

The three friends then meet for another gossip session and margaritas. Dana Sue is happy to be back with Ronnie. Maddie discusses being in the friend zone and the challenge of two weeks without sex. Helen struggles to talk about Erik but manages to say that their relationship and friendship is truly over. She appreciates their support, though.

Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 2 Ending Explained

The episode ends with Helen finally broaching the proposal with Ryan. She returns his engagement ring, stating that she cannot accept it. Ryan pleads with her; they are meant to be together. Helen sets out some ground rules; she won’t move away from Serenity.

Ryan instantly accepts these terms; he is happy to move there and quit his job for her. Helen agrees they are both going to have to make sacrifices for this marriage to work. It doesn’t sound like the best start to me.

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