Hijack Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – what is Janssen’s plan?

July 26, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Apple TV+ series Hijack Season 1 Episode 6 Recap


The penultimate episode of Hijack, “Comply Slowly,” is packed full of tension and twists as the clock ticks down to the end of the flight. It’s another thrilling installment that ramps up the tension in the final third with fast-paced sequences and the real threat of murder.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Hijack Season 1 Episode 6, “Comply Slowly,” which contains spoilers.

The terrorists have demanded the immediate release of their two criminal leaders, and that is exactly what the UK government has done. In the tense penultimate installment, “Comply Slowly,” the police follow after these criminals, which leads to further complications for our passengers onboard the flight.

Hijack Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Prisoners Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown are released from their sentences as per the hijacker’s demands. Janssen makes it abundantly clear from the get-go, if anyone tries to follow them or stop them, then innocent passengers will be killed.

Of course, the UK government ordered Daniel and his team to follow after the criminals regardless of these threats. They also track them via a hacked GPS and then follow them from the air with a drone. The UK government wants to protect the passengers, but they also want to stop these criminals from fleeing the country.

What is the UK government’s tactics?

The government’s plan is to allow them free movement, referring to the situation as a staged release. They want to comply with the terrorists, but only very slowly. Hoping that the plane lands well before the criminals make good on their escape mission. They plan to follow the criminals’ orders carefully, but they also want to slow them down in the process.

Daniel and his team follow from a safe distance, observing the criminals as they drive along their pre-planned route.

The criminals stop suddenly on a bridge. Janssen then confronts Daniel, reiterating their rules. Because they have broken their agreement, a passenger must now die.

Janssen sends Stuart a message, asking for one of the passengers to be killed and then a photograph to be sent as proof. Stuart is still in shock, though, after his brother Lewis’s death. Eventually, he comes around and prepares to kill the nearest flight attendant.

Who is Sheena Francis?

Sam overhears this kerfuffle and barges his way into the action. He suggests that they send a photograph of the woman who has already been murdered. This way, they won’t have to kill any more innocent passengers. Stuart agrees, and a photo of the woman is sent to Janssen. We later find out that she was called Sheena Francis.

Daniel and his team continue to follow, even after Janssen’s threats. Janssen sends them the photograph of Sheena to prove that they aren’t messing about. The photo is quickly passed on to the government. They now realize that their actions do lead to these horrific consequences.

Elsewhere, Sam’s son Kai tiptoes around his father’s apartment, trying to avoid the killer cleaners downstairs. He phones the police, pleading for help. While a journalist called Felix Staton is coerced into leaking the story of the hijacking of KA29 online. This quickly becomes the main news story of the day.

How does Sam warn the passengers?

Back on the flight, Sam informs the passengers in his proximity of the terrorists’ orders. They have been asked to provide a dead body. This request may not be the last either. They need to be prepared to fight back. Sam passes a message around the plane, asking the passengers to be ready. The passengers gather makeshift weaponry in response.

On the ground, Janssen’s journey is interrupted by a road blockage. He suspects that the police are purposely delaying his route. Janssen retaliates, ordering another killing.

The road blockage wasn’t part of the police’s plan, and they are unable to clear it. The criminals change tactics and continue off-road toward their destination.

What is Janssen’s plan?

It becomes clear that they are heading to an airfield with plans of escaping the country. Military personnel are positioned at the Fernhill airfield. The soldiers are ordered to attack and confront the criminals. But the criminals have used lookalikes as a decoy. They are actually elsewhere, changing into a different vehicle. Janssen then sends another cryptic message from his phone.

Meanwhile, on the plane, tensions are rising between the passengers and the hijackers. The note which is being passed around is discovered, leading to further aggravation.

Then Stuart is forced to kill another. He threatens Sam and Hugo, before asking manically for a volunteer.

Hijack Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Sam realizes that it is now or never. The passengers spring into action and fight back, taking on the hijackers. Sam battles Stuart while the others use their makeshift weapons on the terrorists nearest them.

Who kills the Captain?

In the chaos, a female passenger receives a text message, presumably from Janssen. She takes out a gun and shoots the Captain dead. It looks like Janssen had a sleeper agent on the flight in case of an emergency. This is somebody that the other hijackers were probably unaware of. This sleeper agent heads towards the cockpit, where she quickly locks herself away. I wonder what her other orders are moving forward?

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