The Hardy Boys Season 3 Ending Explained – Who saves the world from the Sim?

By Ricky Valero
Published: July 26, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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The Hardy Boys Season 3 Ending Explained
The Hardy Boys Season 3 (Credit - Hulu)


The Hardy Boys ends on a high note with a strong episode to bring the series to a close.

With Frank and Joe trapped, will they be able to get out in time to stop Drew from letting the Sim turn everyone into reality? Or will Drew’s reign continue until the end? Heres’ my breakdown of The Hardy Boys Season 3 Episode 8.

The Hardy brothers’ friends are questioning Bob about the whereabouts of Drew. They are pushing to find out where Drew is, and he tells them Edgecliff. Frank and Joe are still trapped in the bunker where Drew’s Sim is about to go live, and they are unsure how to stop it.

Who dies in “A Wild Ride?”

Drew and Olivia are talking about finally making it, but after they embrace, Drew pulls a gun on her, saying that she won’t bask in her glory with her. Even after pleading with her, Drew pulls the trigger, shooting Olivia twice and killing her.

As Joe and Frank try to figure out how to stop the Sim, Drew informs them that in mere minutes, all of the world will be a reality. Chet and Belinda are trying to get to Drew, but Drew’s cameras catch them trying to get in, and she sends her bodyguards after them. After the Sim goes off, Joe and Frank tell her they will stop her, but she has other plans. Drew shoots both Joe and Frank on the spot and leaves.

Who goes in to get the kill code for the energy core?

A time loop happens where we see Drew facing off with the boys again (before shooting them). As she is about to shoot them, Kelly hits Drew over the head, knocking her out. Joe says that the only way to get the code is in her head, to which Kelly says she will head into the prototype cell to get the code from her.

Who saves the world from the Sim?

The crew has gathered to try and over-stimulate the core with the eye, but it doesn’t work. Frank decides to grab the eye and try to stop the core himself. It leads to a relatively cool flashback montage where Frank sees many memories of his past while the rest of the crew hang on for their life. Frank’s plan worked, as he saved the world from the Sim with the help of his brother and friends.

After saving the world, the government forces the kids to sign an NDA about never having seen or heard anything that went down with Drew or the Sim. However, that doesn’t stop Kelly from uploading the information about it on a computer under Drew’s name to leak it to the world.

The Hardy Boys Season 3 Ending Explained

The series ends with us seeing the crew slowly starting to put together the pieces of their lives. Frank and Joe discuss their future, including whether they will remain detectives. A detective comes to the house to talk to Fenton about a case when he says he knows some nosey detectives (the boys are listening through a vent) willing to take on the case as he is retired. So, the series ends with Frank and Joe introducing the case to the rest of the crew.

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