The Murderer Ending Explained – why does June put the hallucinogenic mushrooms in the soup?

By Marc Miller
Published: July 27, 2023
2023 Netflix film The Murderer Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film The Murderer, which will contain significant spoilers.

An Englishman, Earl, and his wife, Sai, are visiting Thailand with their in-laws. A storm is coming—one of the worst the area has seen in quite some time.

Before the bad weather begins, bodies start to drop left and right. It’s a gruesome scene as bodies are spread all over the desolate and lush farmland of the Bung Klua district.

Among the dead are Sai’s father, Boonluck; her Aunt Parsuree; Sai’s brother, Kai; and his best friend and ex-husband, Phet. Her ex-sister-in-law, Tukta, and her American husband, Charlie, are also deceased.

The only survivors are Earl, Sai, and June. Major Nawat Banluecha, known as “The Hot-Headed Crime Buster,” is assigned to the case. He believes the “farang” is the murderer.

The Murderer Ending Explained

What is a “Farang”?

“Farang” is a word to describe all Western foreigners. However, in The Murderer, it’s a commonly used term in Thailand that’s offensive slang.

The term is often used by Sai’s father, Boonluck, who is not a fan of Earl, and the Police Major, who thinks Earl is the murderer.

How does Parsuree die in The Murderer?

Parsuree dies from breaking her neck when she runs terrified out the second-floor window. After hitting the ground in front of Boonluck, his wife, and his daughter, he thinks Earl tossed Parusee out the window.

It was Parsuree who had a hallucination of her dead husband berating her with emotional abuse. This caused her to run and fall out the window.

How do Phet and Kai die in The Murderer?

Phet is killed when the truck crushes him, and Kai shoots himself. When they find Earl on the side of the road, passed out, Kai goes to locate a rope. However, Phet draws his gun and adds bullets to shoot him to have Sai to himself. That’s when the truck rolls backward and lands on Phet, killing him.

When Earl wakes up, Kai accuses him of killing Phet. Kai picks up the gun and threatens him, but after scaring him, he laughs because the gun has no bullets.

Kai shows him by putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger.

How do Tukta and Charlie die in The Murderer?

Boonluck kills Tukta and Charlie with his pitchfork, the latter unintentionally, the other intentionally. When Boonluck and his wife Jan hear Earl returning after Kai shoots himself in the kitchen, he plans on killing him with a pitchfork.

However, Charlie unintentionally sneaks up behind him. Startled, Boonluck turns around and stabs him in the stomach. Charlie bleeds out and dies.

In the doorway is Tukta, who screams at the sight of Charlie. As she runs away, Boonluck chases her and stabs her in the back again with his trusty pitchfork. She collapses, bleeds out, and dies.

That’s when the police officer appears. (Remember, the officer is the one who brought Charlie and Tukta to Boonluck’s home after arriving at the wrong farm.) They immediately blame Earl, the “Farang.”

Who kills the policeman in The Murderer?

Jan shoots the policeman with his gun, killing him. After the officer notices that Charlie has the gun he confiscated from Earl (he grabbed it from the officer’s glove compartment before entering the home, he sees bloody footprints.

They move in the direction of the farmhouse, going outside. The officer then asks Boonluck if he can see his feet. Knowing he’s the murderer, he attacks the officer.

After struggling, Sai is knocked out from trying to intervene, and the officer’s gun flies to the ground. The policeman punches Boonluck in the head. The older adult male is knocked unconscious. Jan picks up the officer’s gun. However, the policeman pulls Kai’s gun from his back pocket, shooting Jan in the arm. She fires back, unloading the officer’s gun into his torso.

How does Boonluck die in The Murderer?

Boonluck dies when he hallucinates what appears to be his dead mother and has a heart attack. After Jan has a blackout from being shot, Sai is knocked unconscious, and Earl passes out from the ordeal, Boonluck wakes up. He sees the massacre, takes Jan’s gun, wipes the prints clean, and puts it in Earl’s hand.

That’s when he hallucinates and sees what he believes is the ancestral guardian spirit. Boonluck is afraid the ghost is going to take him to the afterlife. He then yells for his “pa and ma” to save him. That’s when he had a cardiac event that led to his passing.

Why does June put the hallucinogenic mushrooms in the soup?

June adds hallucinogenic mushrooms to the soup and overhears her grandparents planning to return her to Tukta, considering her a burden. Boonluck and Parsuree’s deepest fears manifest as a result. Several events reveal June’s significant involvement that night, including murder.

Firstly, she records much of it with her cell phone, providing evidence of Earl’s innocence. Secondly, she hides in the truck and witnesses Phet preparing to shoot Earl. Drawing on a memory of her mother stopping a car from rolling down a hill, June releases the emergency brake, causing the truck to kill Phet.

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