The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – is Jeremiah still in love with Belly? 

By Adam Lock
Published: July 28, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Prime Video series The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 5 Recap


“Love Fool” can be very predictable and repetitive as the teens fall in and out of love with one another. That being said, it was great to see Susannah’s character return in flashbacks, while the battle for the summer house is far more intriguing than the cliched romances.

We recap the Prime Video series The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 5, “Love Fool,” which contains spoilers.

“Love Fool” explores the teen love saga from Jeremiah’s (Gavin Casalegno) perspective for a change as old flashbacks explore things from his specific point of view. Jeremiah even takes over with narration duties as well.

The teens return to an empty summer house and decide to spend the night at the country club instead.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Carrying on from the last episode, the teens walk the empty rooms of Susannah’s beach house. Aunt Julia has cleaned out the place, taking every single item.

There is nothing left at all. This greatly upsets Jeremiah, who feels like his mother’s memories have been taken from him forever.

Aunt Julia apologizes for this sinister move but tries to explain herself. She spoke with the brothers’ father, and they agreed that this sale couldn’t drag on any longer.

All their items have been put into storage. This doesn’t change Conrad or Jeremiah’s feelings, though. Conrad argues with Julia before storming off.

Skye then delivers far worse news; it looks like the home will be selling fast. There are many people interested and happy to pay over the asking price. Jeremiah still wants to fight, though.

The teens are close to giving up, with nowhere to spend the night. They suggest heading home, but Jeremiah thinks he can get them into the local country club.

How do the teens get into the country club?

Jeremiah uses his old employee card, but it doesn’t work anymore. Luckily, Cam’s mother works there now, and he knows the access code. They sneak into the building, finding the place totally deserted. They plan to find some food and a place to sleep for the night, splitting up into teams.

Jeremiah notices the chemistry between Belly and Conrad, cueing the first flashback sequence of the episode. Jeremiah is looking over Susannah’s finances.

Conrad asks for permission to date Belly. He knows that Jeremiah has strong feelings for Belly still, but he can’t hide his own feelings for her any longer. Jeremiah reluctantly concedes.

Is Jeremiah still in love with Belly?

Although in the present, Jeremiah is still very much in love with Belly. The two roam the corridors together, looking for anything of any interest. They find a cinema room and start to bond again. The couple very nearly share a kiss together as well.

Jeremiah talks about movie nights with his mom. Susannah was obsessed, but movie nights always made him think of Belly instead. He admits that he has missed her and always wanted to call her. The spark never died.

Elsewhere, Steven and Taylor roam the halls together. These two flirts find a dance floor, and Steven makes his move. He romances Taylor with music and a slow dance.

What is Conrad’s plan to buy the beach house?

The final group, consisting of Conrad, Cam, and Skye, finds food. Cam mentions an old friend called Liam, who got a judge to grant him access to his own trust fund. This gives Conrad an idea. He contacts Liam straight away and gets his lawyer’s details. Conrad tells Jeremiah that he wants to fight Julia. He wants to use his trust fund to buy the beach house.

Further flashbacks explore Jeremiah’s growing jealousy. He watches Belly and Conrad holding hands at Thanksgiving. He can’t take it, though, and argues with his brother. Then we see Belly’s prom from Jeremiah’s perspective. He was frustrated by how little Conrad cared; he wanted to show Belly the perfect night.

Back in the present, Conrad and Jeremiah walk in on Steven and Taylor as they are about to kiss. After this awkwardness, the gang all congregate in the cinema.

They start to make a mess, though, and take the party outside instead.

On the golf course, the teens settle down for the night. There’s an awkward game of truth or dare and just enough time for the friends to discuss their relationships.

Taylor has noticed a spark between Belly and Jeremiah. While Belly sees Taylor and Steven getting closer together.

During these scenes, Jeremiah refuses to kiss Belly during truth or dare, and Cam talks about his dead sister. Belly is rejected from the volleyball team by her coach, and Steven apologizes to Taylor for the awkwardness.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 5 Ending Explained

As the night comes to an end, Belly speaks with Jeremiah in private. She wants to know why he rejected her. Jeremiah says that it is complicated, although he realizes now how much Belly still cares about him. They fall asleep side by side on the golf course.

The next morning, the teens return to Susannah’s summer house. Conrad is confident that he can access his and Jeremiah’s trust funds, and they can make a counteroffer. But these dreams are dashed. Aunt Julia confirms that she has accepted an offer already, and the house is sold.

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