Today We’ll Talk About That Day Ending Explained – Why does Ajeng choose Narendra over Wirjawan?

By Marc Miller
Published: July 28, 2023
2023 Indonesian Netflix film Today We’ll Talk About That Day Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Indonesian Netflix film Today We’ll Talk About That Day, which will contain spoilers.

The Indonesian Netflix film Today We’ll Talk About That Day (Hari Ini Akan Kita Ceritakan Nanti) is a sequel to the hugely popular One Day We’ll Talk About Today (Nanti Kita Cerita tentang Hari Ini). The family saga continues, as this film is a prequel of sorts.

Half the film’s storyline returns to when Narendra and Ajeng first met. The other continues in the present day, as their three children still navigate their adult lives. Now, the film pays special attention to Angkasa, who has marital problems with Lika after he suffers a panic attack. When Narendra comes to visit, leaving Ajeng at home, he realizes his son has been separated from Lika for months.

Today We’ll Talk About That Day Ending Explained

How do Narendra and Ajeng meet?

They met at the hospital when their loved ones were in critical condition. Najendra and his brother were in an automobile accident. Unfortunately, his brother dies, and Najendra is heartbroken. While in the hospital, he sits beside Ajeng, who is crying. Her mother is in the hospital and is in danger of dying because of the lack of blood for a transfusion.

Najendra accompanies her to a nearby medical center, where they have the means, a gesture Ajeng credits with saving her mother’s life. Ajeng’s father, Soemitro, an influential political figure in Jakarta, gives him money. However, they begin to see each other despite Ajeng’s engagement, which is a political convenience for Soemitro. They begin to see each other, linking him to a family with powerful business means in the area.

Why have Angkasa and Lika separated?

The couple has been fighting, but Angkasa moved out because he thought Lika was cheating. That person was an old friend and yoga instructor named Billy. Narendra drives his son to see Billy, not to encourage him to fight but to get the real story so he can make an honorable decision—to move on or to fight for his wife and let her know how he feels.

Despite his concerns, when Angkasa confronts Billy, he reveals he last talked to Lika over a month ago. He freely admits that he had feelings for Angkasa’s wife long before they were married but would never be the one responsible for ending a marriage.

Later, we find out that the relationship between Angkasa and his father has caused him pain, with Lika responsible for the tension between them. Angkasa also wants to have children, but Lika has reservations because he wants them to prove he can be a better father than Narendra. He apologizes to his son, closing an old wound for Angkasa so he can heal.

Why does Ajeng choose Narendra over Wirjawan?

Ajeng chooses happiness over what would be essentially a marriage of convenience. In truth, Ajeng and Wirjawan have been destined for an arranged marriage by their parents since they were small children. They grew up together, as she tells him, and are great friends, but she never wanted more than that for the both of them.

Ajeng had been living a life where decisions were constantly made for her. Now, after meeting Narendra, Ajeng realizes how important it is for her to make her own choices in her life. That starts with creating a life with Narendra and fighting against the caste system that paired Ajeng and Wirjawan together. She tells her ex-fiance that he deserves someone who loves him.

And that’s not her.

How are the family issues resolved in Today We’ll Talk About That Day?

Soemitro and Angkasa both realize that family is worth fighting for. Soemitro and his wife visit their daughter in the hospital after Ajeng and Narendra have their first child, their baby boy, Angkasa.

In the present day, after Narendra brings his son to Lika for dinner, the father apologizes to her for the pain between him and Angkasa. Lika and Angkasa sit by the pool, embracing. She cancels her meeting with the lawyer, and he calls off the movers scheduled to come to their home.

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