Is D.P. on Netflix based on true stories?

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 29, 2023
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Is D.P. on Netflix based on true stories

Is D.P. on Netflix based on true stories? We discuss the popular Netflix K-Drama series and a key question surrounding it. Minor spoilers ahead.

Popular K Drama D.P. has dropped a second season on Netflix, and fans are over the moon.

If you have never watched the show, this is a great chance to dip in, watch season one, and then go straight to season two. The show focuses on the mandatory military service that is still enforced in South Korea.

Featuring the stories of various recruits in the service, the first season had some great reviews and did not shy away from sensitive and controversial storylines.

Bullying and intimidation are a theme throughout the show, and it is hard not to be moved by some of the situations that arise.

The disturbing and unsettling season one finale would leave viewers stunned and shocked, so the release of the second season has been widely anticipated.

You can read recaps and reviews for every episode of the show right here on Ready Steady Cut, where we are always ahead of the curve with top-level K Drama, but this accompanying article is more interested in the origin of the show as we answer the question: is D.P. on Netflix based on true stories?

What is the Korean drama D.P. on Netflix about?

The show focuses on the mandatory military service in South Korea and the shocking internal climate that some people have to face when going through their service. Deserters are so common that a special division of the police force is assigned to find the people who try to escape from their military service.

Season one introduces us to Anh Joon-Ho, played by Jung Hae-in, a soldier who has an inherent tenacity and stoic attitude that is noticed by Sergeant Park Beom-Goo, played by Kim Sung-Kyum, who feels he has the required attitude to join the deserter Pursuit Team, that has a remit to find people who have left their duties within the South Korean military service.

Season two takes place in the aftermath of the finale of the first season. Season 2 promises to ramp the stakes up, as one of the hunters in the show suddenly finds themselves hunted.

Is D.P. on Netflix based on true stories?

No, the series is not based on a true story. The stories may be inspired by some true events, but the show is not recreating real-life events. You might be interested to know that the stories actually come from a webtoon called D.P. Dog’s Day.

The series was written by Kim B0-tong, and the actual show was a co-production with the writer of the webtoon and series director Han Jun-hee.

What does DP mean in the Korean military?

The term means “Deserter Pursuit,” and it references the arm of the military police that are designated with rounding up people who have deserted from their posts in the Army.

What does DP stand for in the Korean drama?

The term has been used by the show’s creative team, and it means the same as it does in the military: “Deserter Pursuit.”

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