Physical Season 3 Episode 1 Recap – who is Kelly Kilmartin?

By Adam Lock
Published: August 2, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Apple TV+ series Physical Season 3 Episode 1 Recap


“Into the Groove” introduces an interesting new angle for the series while setting up the third season’s narrative quite well. Zooey Deschanel makes for a great addition to the cast. Hopefully, their rivalry can grow as the season progresses.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Physical Season 3 Episode 1, “Into the Groove,” which contains significant spoilers.

Annie Weisman’s comedy-drama series Physical is back for a third season at Apple, reintroducing us to the cutthroat world of 80s fitness aerobics. “Into the Groove” kickstarts the third season with Sheila (Rose Byrne) finding a new rival and a new psychosis to tackle at the very same time.

Physical Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

We begin with Sheila demonstrating the wonders of her new product, the exercise step. She has ideas for a new infomercial before their official launch date. But best friend and business partner Greta has some bad news.

Greta’s husband Ernie is concerned. Sheila’s about to launch a product that has already gone to market, and to make matters worse, the individual promoting this very similar product is a famous TV star.

Sheila is aware of the competition and excited for the challenge.

Who is Kelly Kilmartin?

At home, Sheila’s daughter Maya is watching Sheila’s rival on the TV. Kelly Kilmartin (Zooey Deschanel), the famous TV star, is the one launching her very own step product. She’s even managed to get onto late-night TV on the Johnny Carson show, where she demonstrates the product and her workout to millions of viewers.

Sheila decides to fight back the only way she knows how she fights dirty. With some help from her ex-lover and the mall entrepreneur John Breem. He has investigated the TV star and dug up some nude photos of Kelly Kilmartin.

Greta worries that using this material to ruin Kelly’s career might not actually improve Sheila’s chances though.

Next, the friends meet with Ernie, the source of all their money, who is also Greta’s husband. Ernie is furious that Sheila has postponed the launch for so long.

They have wasted too much time and money on prototypes to the point that Kelly has beaten them to market. He refuses to lend them any more money for the product.

How is Sheila’s recovery going?

Work may be stressful, but Sheila’s road to recovery has been a little more successful. At her support group, she announces that she has gone sixty days without any intrusive critical voices or binges to shut these voices out. In the previous seasons, Sheila had suffered from an eating disorder and voices in her head, although she is feeling a lot healthier now.

These problems seem to have vanished, but something else has replaced them. Sheila now sees visions of her enemy, Kelly Kilmartin, all over the place. These start to become more frequent as the episode progresses.

Out of the blue, Sheila confides in Greta about the voices in her head. She’s actually surprised at how much she misses them and their motivational powers.

Later, Greta witnesses Sheila talking to herself. Sheila thinks she is talking with Kelly, though.

The vision of Kelly urges Sheila to get herself on TV; it will be the only way that Sheila can compete with the real Kelly. Sheila pays John another visit, asking him for a TV contact.

During this conversation, it becomes apparent that John’s wife, Maria, is suffering from postpartum depression. But John won’t accept any help from Sheila.

How does Sheila’s TV debut go?

Thanks to John’s contact, Sheila manages to get herself a spot on KUAY’s Wake Up San Diego show. She demonstrates her workout, ditching the step product altogether. The workout is a hit, and all the news reporters and TV crew join in with Sheila.

This TV spot leads to improvements in the business as well. More people sign up for her workout sessions, and her merchandise begins to sell.

Sheila’s TV spot is such a success that they ask her to come back once a week for her own segment. Sheila and Greta celebrate this quick success. They no longer need Ernie or his money.

Physical Season 3 Episode 1 Ending Explained

The season opener ends with Sheila looking at herself in the mirror. Of course, the vision of Kelly Kilmartin is there, too, in the mirror’s reflection. The first part of their plan has succeeded, Sheila is now on TV. Kelly quips that the public is about to see just how crazy Sheila really is. Well, Kelly isn’t wrong, Sheila is talking to an imaginary person in the mirror, after all.

Hopefully, she can get the help that she needs and continue to climb the celebrity ladder.

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